Affiliate Marketing: We Tell You What It Is And All Its Benefits

Affiliate Marketing

Let’s imagine that you have launched a new business along with its respective online store and have started to generate sales income. However, it is not enough for you, you want more, you want to generate more income, in addition to, of course, attracting clients.

Well, this is where affiliate marketing comes into play. This is one of the best methods or approaches there are to generate sales. With it, you can establish relationships with users who promote the product and therefore take care of the marketing for you.

But there is much more, so let’s dive in to see much more about affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an effective technique that uses referrals to generate leads. Your company pays an independent promoter, such as an influencer, to attract potential buyers of your products or services. This promoter, known as an affiliate, receives a commission for each sale generated through their link.

The affiliate uses custom tracking links, called affiliate links, that direct users to a page in your online store. If the user makes a purchase, the sale is attributed to the affiliate link used. You only pay the affiliate when the transaction is completed through their link.

Imagine that you sell football boots, and you have the latest model from a brand like Adidas or Nike, leaders in the market. You find an influencer with good positioning on social media and who generates football content.

By establishing an affiliate marketing relationship with this influencer , he will include links to your products in his posts. If one of your readers clicks on one of these links and purchases the controller, the affiliate marketing system records the sale and gives credit to the influencer . Thus, he becomes an integral part of the sales process.

If this strategy works well, you can expand your affiliate network by contacting other people within the same niche. Each affiliate will use their own affiliate links, ensuring that their sales are credited correctly and not mixed with those of other promoters.

This approach not only increases your sales, but also expands your brand’s reach by leveraging your affiliates’ already established audiences.

What Does It Take To Do Affiliate Marketing?

To launch an affiliate marketing strategy, it is essential to follow all the steps or processes that we are going to tell you about below.

Meet The Public

Identifying your audience is key to selecting the right affiliates. Think about your target market and the types of content that might attract their interest.

  • What age ranges do you want to reach?
  • What is your income level?
  • Where do they live, and what are their travel habits?
  • Do they work from home, in an office, or have their own business, or not at all?
  • How do they usually have fun?

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) of affiliate marketing platforms can help you organize and understand information about your target audience, such as their locations, use of coupons or offers, and how they arrived at your website. This will help you identify the content that attracts them the most.

Create Relevant Content

Answer key questions about the content your audience consumes:

  • What types of articles or blogs do they read?
  • Do you prefer long or short texts?
  • What do they search for in search engines?
  • What types of videos do they watch?
  • Do you prefer product reviews or how-to content?

Similarly, CRM will also help you uncover patterns of purchasing behavior, making it easier for users to interact with affiliate content when they are ready to buy.

Recruitment Of Affiliates Or Partners

There are several methods for recruiting affiliates, depending on your business model and the marketing scope of your products.

  • Use your current channels: Use your social networks, emails, or websites to inform about your affiliate program. Be sure to provide details such as:
  • The commission for the sale
  • Special affiliate offers, such as coupons and discounts
  • Marketing Material Available
  • Tracking statistics to measure success
  • Direct Contact: Some affiliates respond better to direct, personalized contact via email or social media. Personalize your messages by mentioning the following:
  • Something you liked about their recent posts
  • A feature that differentiates them from other affiliates
  • Your interest in something they value or believe in

This will make your message stand out and make them feel valued as a partner.

Creating links

Once the affiliate has joined, offer them affiliate links and promotional materials. You can choose to use affiliate network software or your own link-tracking system.

If you plan a program with many affiliates, working with an affiliate network is recommended. These networks connect businesses with potential affiliates and handle link building and organization, as well as offering analytics data to track the effectiveness of each affiliate.

If you prefer a more personal relationship with few affiliates, opt for link tracking software . These programs allow you to generate and track affiliate links, offering useful reporting tools for various marketing campaigns.

Provide Promotional Material

Make your affiliates’ work easier by giving them promotional materials. This includes:

  • Tools to market your products
  • Up-to-date and engaging marketing materials
  • Control over the presentation of your products and the definition of your brand
  • Clear and consistent expectations

Make sure you communicate your payment system transparently and regularly check in with your affiliates to get feedback that can improve your marketing strategies.

The Time Has Come To Expand Your Horizons

Setting up and managing an affiliate program takes time and effort, but the potential benefits are enormous. Each affiliate acts as an extension of your business, increasing your sales as they work better.
If you want to expand your e-commerce business and reach new audiences, choose affiliate marketing. Platforms of this style offer useful tools to build your brand and connect with your customers.

Affiliate Marketing: Advantages And Disadvantages


Passive Income: You continually generate commissions once you have created and published your content.

Low initial investment: You do not need a large initial investment; you can use free platforms and affordable tools.

Flexibility: Work from anywhere, anytime, ideal for additional income or a full-time career.

Income diversification: Promote products from various companies and niches, diversifying your sources of income.

Personal growth: Acquire skills in content creation, SEO and social media management, useful in other professional aspects.


Competition: It’s a competitive field; you need to stand out to attract your audience.

Variable Income: Income can be unpredictable and depends on monthly sales.

Dependence on third parties: Dependence on the policies and availability of companies’ products.

Need for constant updating: You must keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques in digital marketing.

How Much Do You Earn From Affiliate Marketing?

Earnings in affiliate marketing can vary widely. Some affiliates earn a few euros a month, while others can earn thousands or even more. It all depends on factors such as the niche, the audience, the quality of the content, and the amount of traffic you generate.

However, the normal amount that a company attributes to an affiliate varies between 20% and 50% of the general sales obtained.


Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to generate income online. With a low initial investment and the possibility of generating passive income, it is an attractive option for many people. However, it also has its challenges and requires dedication and continuous learning.

If you’re willing to invest the time and effort, affiliate marketing can offer you a flexible and lucrative source of income. Remember to choose quality products, create valuable content, and build a trusting relationship with your audience. With patience and perseverance, you can achieve success in affiliate marketing.

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