Four Tips To Get The Promotion You’ve Always Dreamed Of


You know how to do your job, get results, and have been in the company for a considerable time: it is time for you to ask for that promotion you have been dreaming of for so long. It is not crazy. Remuneration and job responsibilities are two of the fundamental pillars for workers to feel valued within their work environment.

Although it depends on each company, many companies take advantage of the summer season to make a semiannual balance so far this year, and it is, at this moment, when you should be prepared to take the numbers and request your increase.

Salary increase or job promotion? It depends. If you are in a static position, that is, you perform your functions, and you have no possibility of doing others, it is best to ask for a salary increase. I will give you an example: if you work as an accountant and take the company’s billing, you will do little promotion.

But you can ask for your salary to be raised if you consider that the factors are conducive and that your worth stands on its own.

If, on the other hand, you do more dynamic work and now you do more tasks, you are better, and you are ready for the next level, you can request to be promoted. For example, you work in an advertising agency as a graphic designer, and you joined to support the creative team. Still, you have acquired more responsibilities, and you know the company “inside out.” You can ask to be promoted to team leader and start managing your department.

In short, facing this situation is not an easy task, and many times the step is not taken due to the fear of rejection or not knowing if it is the right time. Do you want us to help you take action? We will tell you about it below, in a small guide:

Study The Numbers:

I am not referring to the billing itself but to the numbers that affect your daily work. To continue with the graphic designer’s example: in your work team, you have verified how your designs work and, with this, the number of clients increases. It is time to show your boss, with verified data, that your promotion is almost a necessary step in the company’s evolution. Of course, arm yourself with an excellent report that supports every word you say.

Choose The Timing:

That is the timing. Approaching your superior at a lousy time could mean a “no” from the start. Prepare the environment and request a meeting indicating the reason since the promotion will not be immediate. In this way, both of you will go prepared. Making your manager feel the approach is not a good idea.

Be Honest With Yourself. At This Point, Keep Several Things In Mind: 

  • Talent is not everything: you have to know how to manage it.
  • Work as a team: companies increasingly tend to create groups of work or departments in which they work together. Individuality is being lost, and the sooner you learn to communicate and organize with your colleagues, the more value you will add to your brand.
  • Train organization and time management: essential if you want to take a step further in your professional career. Knowing how to squeeze every minute of the day with your breaks can make a difference if you want to be a good team leader. Learn to establish tasks, execution times and assign priorities. Once you have all this clear, you are ready to start renewing that personal brand: you are an essential asset in the company, highlight your qualities and increase your strengths, sell yourself!

Approach This Decision As An Investment:

This point is closely related to the previous ones. It is essential that the company does not see you as an expense but as an investment, and if it is long-term, the better.

If you left the company, would anything change? Try to answer this question as frankly as possible. If the answer is yes, explain it. If not, consider your job as a path of change: keep training, learn languages, acquire new skills, propose a renewal, etc.

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