The Value Of External Advice

External Advice

Business communication is a strategic value for companies in the 21st century, becoming, more than a work option, an essential tool for their management. Doing business is not just working hard and well since the dynamics of the current world indicate that whoever ignores the importance that good control of internal and external communication acquires every day is doomed to business failure.

Small and medium-sized companies are always looking for the best way to optimize and make their businesses profitable, without counting on the resources of large companies or multinationals that invest significant sums of money in advertising and communication, so when launching a program communication, wondering how to do it? And if it is necessary to contract external services that support the communication of the company.

Why a communication agency? By itself, a communication action is not a response to the communication needs of organizations, nor is it a guarantee that they are communicating effectively. For this, it is necessary to have well-defined strategic communication objectives and plans and be able to count on the corresponding advice. 

The answer is simple. The wrong implementation of a communication plan could bring the company more disadvantages than benefits, turning into an unsuccessful effort and a great expense.

The agency should be a tool to help the company lead the market and achieve its goals and objectives. Your work is necessary to understand the dynamic and complex media sector. In today’s business world, where products and services are increasingly homogeneous, information, credibility, and trust are essential values ​​to make a difference. And this is where the future of an agency business lies: how to make that differentiation known.

 Working with the media gives great credibility since the public values ​​the news that appears, making it the ideal tool to create an image and improve the public’s perception of that companies are targeting. For this reason, entrepreneurs take utmost care of their relationships with journalists, aware that communication is much more profitable than an expensive advertising campaign. Today, companies are committed to launching their products, services, and actions with the help of a communication agency, to increase sales, establish new and good relationships or promote customer loyalty.

Working for diverse clients in various sectors provides the agency with knowledge and experiences that it can put at each client’s service, which gives it objectivity when advising on multiple issues with a more relaxed look. On the other hand, an agency has a specific team to carry out a project, which speeds up its execution. This means that resources are used when and as needed, without oversizing an internal department.

Today’s agencies manage communication and can evaluate, analyze, and help solve business problems. They must know what, how, and where to communicate and establish interactive communications with shareholders, investors, internal staff, customers, partners, and suppliers and suggest creative communication techniques and innovative ideas aimed at meeting the company’s objectives.

Today many companies continue to develop linear corporate communication models, increasingly ineffective, especially with the arrival of the Internet and new technologies that have changed the relationships between companies and consumers and between company-agency and the media.

Finally, the support that an agency can give to the management of the company is undoubted. Still, the combination of this experience and infrastructure with the deep knowledge of the communication or marketing director must be considered, who can support external management from the inside the company, forming the perfect tandem to develop effective communication campaigns.

How To Hire The Best Agency? 

It is important to consider that nothing should be left to chance when determining who will support the company’s communication. Hence, selecting the agency that will advise the management of the organization is not an easy task. It is a job that requires time and effort since there are no ideal guidelines that can be followed, but there are different aspects to consider.

The organization’s own needs and the profile of the agency with the services sought must be considered. You have to evaluate the level of training of your staff, the clients you work with, the differences with the competition, as well as the knowledge and experience in the business of the agency, its abilities to solve all communication problems, its expertise, and learning about the business of the company.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the services that the agency offers, its strategic and creative capacity, its experience in other areas, its clients, remuneration, confidentiality agreements, and its professional ethics. It is also of great value to have numerous contacts in the media, historical, and data banks. It is also necessary to highlight the implementation of new technologies to meet the needs of the press and customers and respond to recent times.

Agencies can also be hired for specific actions or projects. What becomes a good alternative for the company to know the operation of the services offered so that it can then hire permanently. Other very simple alternatives may be the prior choice of different consulting firms that present their projects. In this way, the agency will be able to indicate work deadlines, how the results will be measured, and the different programs’ costs.   

As a “bridge” between journalists and companies, every agency should use a proactive work model based on flexibility and permanent contact with the media and clients through a transparent and honest relationship that will allow it to play the role. This organization, in addition, should have a structure that is as dynamic as possible so that professionals can meet the requirements of different clients effectively.

When the company finds an agency that responds to your needs, feels confident communication delegate tasks, giving you more time to devote yourself entirely to his business. The customer, however, should always maintain control over these communication actions.

In short, it must be clear that there are no magic formulas since we are talking about the art of communicating and different public relations strategies. It must also be borne in mind that communication agencies have the same or very similar work tools beyond their size, so it is much more important than the “what” is the “how” this work is carried out. 

As the last point, it must be remembered that external consulting and being advised by experts complement business management, providing knowledge, experience, and a global vision. Thus, the trust of the clients must be the best sales force that an agency can have.

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