Twitch: User Passwords Leaked – You Need To Know That Now


Twitch streaming platform fell victim to a hacker who stole and published millions of data – including user data and passwords. Now the question is which accounts are affected by this. Here you can find out what exactly happened and what you have to do now.  

Mega Leak On Twitch: What Was Published?

In addition to sensitive data such as the millions of dollars in revenue from the largest streamers on Twitch, the platform’s source code is also available to everyone through the leak, according to the VideogamesChronicle website. In addition, the over 125GB torrent link also contains millions of user data, including passwords and account data. Previously unpublished internals about associated companies, services, and planned projects from Twitch should also be among the leaked information.

The hacker, who initially distributed the leak on the 4chan platform, cited the reason for his action that he wanted to “promote competition in the online video streaming sector” and described Twitch as a “disgusting cesspool” and that this would only be the first part. After initially, it was not clear whether the leak and the published information were real; Twitch confirmed on October 6, 2021, that such an attack had indeed occurred.

Twitch Passwords On The Net: What You Can Do Now

It is not so easy to find out at the moment whether your account and access data are also affected by the Twitch leak. The leak is relatively fresh. There should not yet be any databases in which you can check whether your account is also affected. We recommend you here not to trust your luck.

To secure your data, you should change your Twitch password immediately. It is also advisable to activate two-factor authentication (via SMS or Google Authenticator) to prevent third parties from accessing your account. All of this is easily possible in the Twitch account settings.

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