Seven Keys To Motivating Your Team

Motivating Your Team

Empowerment or empowerment (of the charge English) refers to the process by which the spiritual strength of individuals and communities to promote beneficial changes for the group in situations living increases. It implies, in the beneficiary, the development of confidence in their capacities and actions. (Source: Wikipedia)  

What is clear is that there are no magic recipes in this people management, and what works in a moment may no longer be applicable in time. However, applying common sense and having the necessary allies will make this path easier.

The definition of empowerment is delegating power and authority to workers and coherently, making them feel that they are owners of their work. The basis is that employees have the power to make decisions about their position without the need for authorization from a superior.

Motivation is a crucial factor: a good leader to the front of your company will make every one of the tasks carried out have the highest level of involvement by workers. And this, inevitably, will be seen in the final results and the evolution of the business

Therefore, the basis of empowerment is equality between power and responsibility, in which there must be control over working conditions and accountability for performance in it.

A side remains the typical leadership pyramid in which the boss or superior orders and follow their employees or orders. This archaic method has given way to a new work system in which the boss becomes the leader and equals his workers in making decisions to work as a team.   

Do You Want To Know What The Seven Key Factors To Encourage Motivation In Your Work Team Are? Keep Reading Then:

Define And Passionately Communicate The Business Vision And Mission

These two concepts must be perfectly defined, and the company’s strategy will be based on them. The management must know how to communicate them to their workers and believe in them so much that they can transmit them with passion.

Have Clear Objectives

Nothing helps employees more than being clear about the purpose of their work. Knowing what is contributed to the company and how it contributes to making things go well is an essential element that reinforces motivation. The work teams are not islands in the middle of the ocean, they are parts of a whole, and each piece is necessary to finish a puzzle.

Work For A Stable And Positive Work Environment

It is about establishing social policies that help reconcile work and family and favor free time for employees. A healthy life and in which episodes of stress are minimized will allow workers to be happier and, consequently, more productive in their workday.

Everyone Should Know What To Do

Before, we talked about clear and realistic objectives. Well, there must also be a clear assignment of responsibilities, in which each one does their tasks, even if they are shared.


The day-to-day running of the organization, big news or events, structural changes, etc., are facts that must be known to all workers. This will help them better understand your company, the reason for certain decisions and, above all, it provides peace of mind and a stable relationship.


Keeping employees’ knowledge in shape and fostering the development of critical competencies is essential. We are facing an investment with double benefits: We will create a suitable template for each stage of the organization without traumatic changes. Motivated and grateful employees.


Sometimes it is a taboo subject within the company, but work is the main livelihood of the workers. A balance is sought between professional development and financial independence. Variable remuneration policies can be carried out based on business objectives or results, awards, non-monetary extras such as events, corporate meetings, etc. It is a matter of testing what works best according to the values ​​of the organization and the personality of those who are part of it.

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