The Automation Of The Professional World


We have often heard statements like the following: Many people will lose their jobs due to automation. Of course, the fear of an uncertain future is nothing new. There have been many changes in the world of work in human history, and existential concerns have arisen time and again. However, the reality could be very different. The fact is that some professions in the future will no longer look like they do today. We want to take a closer look at how we can deal with these changes and even derive positive effects.

A Good Infrastructure In The Company

Digitization has brought enormous changes for companies. Today, data is primarily stored digitally and accessible to all authorized persons in the network. This saves time and creates new opportunities for remote workers and home office solutions. Communication also mostly takes place online, with video conferences and e-mails making it easy to coordinate international teams. Numerous organizational tools such as MeisterTask are also available online, with which the individual tasks can be divided by each employee.

Some aspects of such classifications can now be automated, but this still requires management that monitors the various tasks. It looks different when you look at the technical part of the infrastructure, and each team no longer needs its own IT department to bring the network into shape. This can be remedied by programs that offer automatic network monitoring and show all connected devices and users. This allows SolarWinds to discover network devices automatically and visually display an entire network map. This means that device errors, availability and other problems can be identified and solved quickly, preventing costly failures.

Will Robots Replace Employees?

Now we’ve looked at the sugar side of automation. Many activities are made more accessible, and new forms of work are created. However, what about the employees? Do they have to worry about their jobs? The answer is yes. Indeed, particularly repetitive jobs could soon be swallowed up by automation. This includes many office work and checks out in the supermarket, production work on the delivery line, or product inspection. A study on WiWo provided an overview of the substitutability potential of various occupational fields.

Not all professions will fall into the hands of the modern robots of the future because there are many fields in which full automation is impossible. Artistic activities, social professions, jobs in the catering and hotel industry or management positions are just a few examples of the fact that the professional world will need numerous people. In addition, automation creates many new career opportunities that even promise better pay.

Significantly more employees will be required in the future, especially in the development and maintenance of machines. Therefore, retraining and courses for programming languages ​​will be increasingly offered in the future for career changers.

Automation brings many benefits but creates a lot of uncertainty among workers. Although robots will hardly dominate the future of the working world, more and more people will have to change their field of activity. However, that doesn’t have to be bad news: during repetitive movements.

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