Loyalty to the company’s workers is one of the purposes that any company must take into account to favor it. Without a doubt, business social networks are a necessary channel to promote any product or service, and motivating employees to participate in them is an excellent strategy to favor the image of the institution.

Employees are an important part of the corporate image they are the ones who represent it both inside and outside the company. Today, their interaction on social networks could also turn them into brand ambassadors if the company takes advantage of the opportunities offered by these types of channels.

Influence Of Workers In Business Social Networks

According to a recent Forbes study , the content issued by a brand or company has a reach of more than 500% when shared by employees on their personal social networks, compared to the reach of official social networks.

Taking these types of statistics into account, it is important to consider that each employee could generate their own connection network with other contacts and, without a doubt, the brand could have a high level of promotion by retaining workers with the company, and with the business image . through those channels.

The workers of a company can become the best spokespersons for its products and services, since it is the employees who best know how they work and their benefits. Encouraging their participation as employees in social networks would generate a great scope in terms of the visibility of the brand or the company.

The good or bad reputation of any company is not only built by customers, employees can also generate an opinion matrix among the audience from their offices and also through the use of business social networks .

It is for this reason that more and more companies are investing time and energy in motivating their workers to share positive content in this way. Achieving collaboration on the part of employees as a strategy in social networks could imply an important potential for promotion and direct interaction with clients.

Exploiting this potential through the presence of workers in social networks could turn employees into an effective channel of communication and support for customers, in an instant and fast format. As well as, in a strategy to humanize the service and attention for the audience.

Encouraging employees to join corporate social networks should not be an obligation or an imposed activity; It is important to create strategies to first retain workers with the mission and vision of the company, and thus obtain genuine and voluntary collaboration in return.

The way in which employees see the company will undoubtedly represent the company and could significantly influence the opinion of customers and the competition, especially if it is through social networks.

How To Engage Employees On Business Social Media

In order for employees to favor the corporate image on social networks, it is necessary, in addition to retaining the workers, not pretending to leave all the work in their hands.

The expected result is that employees share and promote the company positively in their networks, but to achieve this, it is the company that must strengthen the sense of belonging in its workers, defining prior strategies and policies.

Establish The Company’s Social Media Policy

Most companies want to grow in their social networks with the help of their employees, however, they do not even have their policies defined regarding this important area of ​​communication and promotion.

It is essential to have an internal marketing team that establishes the policies for company social networks and describes in detail the rules and procedures, as far as what employees can and cannot do. 

By being clear about social media strategies and policies for the benefit of the company’s business image , employees will have a clear idea of ​​the terms, know what is appropriate or not, and thus have a specific reference for their social media posts. . 

The idea is that employees can spontaneously share information directly from corporate social networks , or their own content about the company as part of their routine, however, guiding them on what type of messages to post and when to post them can be a form of inspiration for they.

Make Them Participate Voluntarily And Not Imposed

Employees can favor the corporate image on social networks if their motivation is genuine and voluntary; but if, on the contrary, the workers interpret that it is an imposed norm, without a doubt the result will not be beneficial.

Before inviting employees to use social networks in favor of the company, it is necessary to instill in them a sense of belonging, make them feel that they are an important part of the company and that they are a determining agent in the promotion of services and products. Of the brand.

Any support program by employees in social networks must be voluntary, they must feel the desire and motivation. The more transparent, honest and spontaneous the intention of the staff is in sharing the company’s content, the better it will be perceived by the audience.

It is necessary to start by creating a positive culture within the company, in this way the employees will feel commitment and enthusiasm to collaborate with the social network strategies that are proposed.

It is always advisable to emphasize an environment of collaboration and support, so that under no circumstances, the employee feels subjected or conditioned, but on the contrary, feels encouraged in an organic and natural way.

Training And Qualification

Establish training programs and plans in social networks should be one of the company’s priorities today if it wants to boost the corporate image through these channels. 

According to one of the latest HubSpot reports , during 2021, 8 out of 10 companies dedicated part of their resources to investment in social media marketing and more than 30% of all think about doing so. This shows that the presence of companies in social networks is decisive to achieve a greater scope of visibility.

Taking this into account, it is important to involve all staff in this type of strategy, and to achieve employee interaction on the networks, it will be necessary to invest in specialized training programs in social networks, not only for the staff in charge of the area, but to all members of the organization.

Ideally, start by informing employees about the company’s presence on the networks. Although it seems obvious, the fact that many workers are unaware of the business networks where they work is more common than you think.

Most people think they know how to use social networks, however, for employees to promote the corporate image through these platforms, they need to know how they work, what their scope is and how they can get involved in them in favor of of the company. 

The training and education of employees in this area can be carried out through different techniques and activities, including workshops on the use of social networks. Also inviting a subject matter specialist and allowing employees to ask questions can prepare them for more effective interaction through these platforms.

Another way to keep staff informed and trained is to create a blog dedicated to the use of social networks, which can be published through the company’s internal media and where related content or success stories are constantly displayed that motivate and incentivize employees.

Motivate By Example

Part of the job of the company’s marketing team is to convince managers and senior staff to also get involved in corporate social networks , to benefit the company. 

The fact of incorporating directors, managers and managers into this habit will undoubtedly be a trigger to motivate the rest of the employees to share the content of the brand or the company on their own social networks.

Managers and senior staff should be the first to be enthusiastic about sharing information and corporate content. By putting this into practice, there is a greater probability that the rest of the staff will be interested in imitating this habit and also become social evangelists of the brand, its products and services.

Win Win

Many employees will not feel motivated to share content and speak positively about the company on social networks, if they do not know how this could benefit them as company workers.

Given that for some the motivation is incentive or mutual benefit, it is important to emphasize in each meeting or training program that the way the audience sees the company on social networks will have a positive impact on the company. , and therefore, it will also have it in the employees.

Instilling a corporate culture that emphasizes that the company’s achievements are also those of the staff, will reinforce in them the motivation and pride of belonging to the company and, in this way, favor the company’s image through their social networks.

Measure The Results, Share Them And Thank

Fortunately, thanks to the internet there are many measurement methods to monitor the behavior of business and personal social networks . Today it is possible to know the scope of visibility and interaction of the content on the platforms.

Given that employees can favor the image of the company in social networks and work has been done to involve workers in them; Showing the results and success stories thanks to their interactions is a very positive way to reinforce their motivation and to thank them for sharing the content.

Holding meetings in which employees can find out about their influence on customers through social networks and the benefits it can bring to the company and to their jobs, will encourage them to continue promoting the brand through social networks. different platforms on the web.

There is no doubt that employees can favor the corporate image , however, this will largely depend on the company clearly communicating the objectives and how they can collaborate to viralize the content for the company.

Companies must always keep in mind that customers interact with their employees and that they are the voice and face of the company. Motivating and encouraging them to transmit the message is a great strategy to bring the brand, product or service to others.

If the content shared by a company’s employees has an even greater reach than that shared by official networks, getting the employee to promote the brand, company and its services will attract the trust of customers and the interest of the competition.

Just as it is possible for workers to enhance the company’s image, they are just as likely to harm it; For this reason, it is necessary to strengthen the organizational and corporate culture, working to retain workers with the spirit and vision of the company, establishing in advance that they are the main engine of the institution they represent.

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