Personalize Your Smartphone – This Is How It Works

Personalize Your Smartphone

Every newly purchased smartphone is the same. One way or another, you can’t change the packaging or the bare appearance, but there are several options available to the user with the software. This not only distinguishes the device from others, but you can also customize it according to your wishes. Such a conversion is possible and over time provides variety and new colors. But how does it work, and which options can be used?

Adjustments To The External Appearance

Of course, you can provide your mobile phone with a printed cover, but you will quickly get to know the limits in this area. While there is a vast selection of motifs, it looks different from the case types—one reason why many order the same product and put it on their smartphone. Therefore, you can change the exterior a little, but the more exciting options are hidden in the software. And that goes on in the following paragraphs.

Background And Homescreen

Most important are the areas that you see most often. And this is undoubtedly the home screen, including its background image. The first step is the photo for the background, which can be easily changed (for example, via the photo app). If you don’t like a pre-installed picture, you can also browse the Internet and save some. In the end, the user has a free hand as to whether and at what interval they want to change the background.

It continues with the homescreen, which consists of several windows. Each of these can be freely configured so that, for example, the apps placed when you bought them can be deleted from the field of view. Instead, you can pull your programs to the front and arrange them however you want. Working with folders is recommended for many apps. Another option would be widgets that can also be dragged onto the home screen. This gives you a direct view of the weather, for example.

Logically, the lock screen also falls into this area. There are also options here to change the clock’s design, among other things. The individual threads for this can be pulled in the Settings app.

The Sounds

You have already done the most important steps with the background image, the home screen, and the lock screen. Nevertheless, the tones are also an essential feature because otherwise, every device would ring the same when a call is received. The selection here is on one of the already available sounds or setting up your ringtone. So if you want, your favorite song can be used for this purpose without any problems. In addition, the alarm tone can be adjusted, and you can deactivate the fundamental techniques, among other things.


The apps in the store are an essential part of personalization. There are so-called launchers that change the appearance to a greater extent. For example, the app overview and the homescreen are different designs. But you don’t have to resort to such “drastic” means directly because there are also programs that only contain several new background images, for example. Here it’s just a matter of browsing and trying.

Differences Between Manufacturers

Although all smartphones can be changed to a certain extent in the same way, there are differences from manufacturer to manufacturer. So it may well be that the options do not apply to every single model. So if you want to exhaust all options, you have to deal intensively with your mobile phone. Otherwise, forums and videos also help find out more about the topic.

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