Google Maps Gets A New Corona Feature: This Is What You Can Expect

Google Maps

Knowing when a restaurant or shop is particularly busy can be very useful information. Google Maps has been helping here for a while with fairly accurate estimates. The map service is now expanding the feature to entire city districts.

Thanks to Google Maps, we can skilfully avoid a collection of drivers – in other words: traffic jams. But how is it actually on foot? There is hardly any risk of being stuck in traffic for hours, but there are still good reasons to avoid crowds. Last but not least, the alarmingly high corona incidents this winter. To this end, Google integrated a kind of “Corona radar” into its map service last year.

So that you can plan your city trip or visit the Christmas market even better, there will soon be an additional practical feature on Google Maps.

Dodging Crowds Skillfully

“Area Busyness” (roughly translated: Area Busyness) is the name of the new function that builds on the already existing rush hours for businesses. This allows you to see how well attended a location is at a certain point in time. These estimates are very useful if, for example, you want to do your shopping in peace and not spend minutes at the checkout. Even for a spontaneous restaurant visit, it is always worth looking at the feature so that you are not turned away at the door due to lack of space.

The information now also appears for entire city districts and neighborhoods. The feature is particularly useful during the Christmas markets, which will cause some areas to be very overcrowded. Even with tourist attractions in summer, a look at the forecast can be worthwhile if you prefer to be spared from crowds.

Want To Party?

Of course, the feature also works the other way round. Do you want to know where something is going on in your city? Just see which district is currently reporting a high activity level – ideally when the corona situation has relaxed a little. Even if you want to visit popular places as a tourist, you can use the information on Maps for guidance. How exactly the feature remains to be seen. According to Google, the new feature comes this holiday season. However, the company has not yet announced a fixed date.

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