How Do I Set Up An Intel Graphics Card?

Intel graphics card

The graphics card management application is not permanently installed on your computer. The problem may occur if your colours are too burned out or your screen is dimming. The graphics driver itself does not contain any settings, and you need an external tool to do this.

This is the Intel Graphics Control Centre for computers with an Intel graphics card. You can find it in the Microsoft Store. We also recommend it for computers with an external NVIDIA or ATI graphics card installed. The dimming will apply even if you have a super-powerful NVIDIA card, but you do not play games, which also happens on the AMD platform. So you will probably run on integrated graphics on a disk with a processor.

You can download Intel graphics drivers from the Intel website. In general, we recommend that you use the update tool for your laptop or computer. Drivers can be customized for your computer. Feel free to download them on the above link. In case of problems, you will uninstall them.

You don’t need this program, and if you don’t mind how your graphics card or image is set up, you don’t need to change anything. Some manufacturers add this tool to your computer as part of a clean installation, and you may never use it.

If you decide not to use the Center, feel free to uninstall it whenever you get it back by installing it like any other Windows Store application.

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