WhatsApp Hacked? Avoid Spies With These Tips!


With 1,500 million users in 180 countries, there is no doubt that WhatsApp is the queen of messaging applications … and also a very juicy target for hackers or gossipy friends. Therefore, we explain how to avoid spies and that your WhatsApp is not hacked.

As you will see, the application tries to improve its security more and more, but we must do our part to avoid prying eyes.

The First Rule So That WhatsApp Does Not Hack You, Never Leave Your Phone Unattended

Many of the methods for hacking WhatsApp require physical access to your phone, even if only for a moment. Avoid that by not leaving your mobile unattended, especially without unlocking it.

Also, do not leave the phone around in the presence of friends or acquaintances who know your unlocking PIN and, if you type it in public, no one sees it.

Some telephones offer the option that the numbers to be entered in the PIN appear out of order on the screen so that someone who looks askance cannot guess the password by observing in which areas you type with your finger, even if they do not see the numbers directly. If you have this option, use it.

Avoid Hacking With WhatsApp Web By Being Attentive To Notifications From Your Mobile

The most widespread way to hack WhatsApp is through WhatsApp Web. For this, the spy takes your mobile and opens a WhatsApp Web session on a laptop that he has.

In this way, you can see all your conversations on your computer through WhatsApp Web. And not only that, as long as you do not close that session on your phone, you can continue spying on your WhatsApp.

To avoid this, WhatsApp informs you on your mobile when there is an open WhatsApp Web session or has recently been opened if it’s you, no problem. If it is not you or you have suspicions, close any session you do not recognize, or better, if there are several, close all of them.

Enter WhatsApp, display the options menu by clicking on the three points at the top right, and choose WhatsApp Web. There you will see all the open sessions there are. If you go down to the bottom, you will see the option to “Close all sessions,” click there and don’t worry.

Avoid WhatsApp Hacking via MAC

Although many methods that promise to hack WhatsApp no ​​longer work, just like those suspicious apps that also claim to do so, be careful because this technique is effective if the spy is a computer handyman.

For this method of hacking WhatsApp, they need to reaccess your phone, so make sure you follow the essential rule and do not leave it there.

We are not going to explain the method step by step for obvious reasons, but it is based on the fact that the spy can copy the MAC address of your mobile, install WhatsApp on his phone and make it pass as yours.

We will not give more details, but remember that this is possible and protect yourself.

Avoid WhatsApp Hacking Using A SIM Card Clone

This is another method to hack WhatsApp that is much more complicated because it requires cloning your SIM card. But it still works.

Again it requires someone to manipulate your phone to get specific data, so now you know.

Hack WhatsApp By Intercepting The Verification SMS

This is a complex technique, requiring the WhatsApp service to crash, and you have to reconfigure it.

Just any spy cannot do that, but there have been suspicions that WhatsApp has been dropped for that in some countries. The method is that, in addition to taking down the service, the spy also has a process of intercepting the confirmation SMS when you try to reactivate the account.

This way, he receives it and not you to see all your conversations and even impersonate you.

It is sporadic that this can happen, but it works in theory.

As you can see, hacking WhatsApp is increasingly difficult with the security measures they put in place, but it is not impossible. The weak point is our mistake, so you know, do not leave the mobile unattended, and it will be challenging for WhatsApp to hack you.

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