How To Know If You Have Been Blocked On WhatsApp


Do you think they have blocked you on WhatsApp? With these tests and indications worthy of Sherlock Holmes that we bring you, you will be able to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp.

Naturally, there are many cases of discussions and blocks between contacts. Whatever your circumstances, if you suspect that this could have happened to you, certain indications can confirm that you are blocked and cannot send them messages.

WhatsApp has wanted to do something ambiguous to protect people privacy who decide to block contacts. So don’t start jumping to conclusions! Maybe they have changed their privacy settings or have no battery. So don’t start writing the Bible in verse to express your fuss. Or, at least, don’t send it.

To make sure that only you see it that way, you can ask a mutual friend for help and see if they can see their profile picture or if they see the last connection time.

Signs That You May Have Been Blocked

In the first place, your last connection date does not appear to you before you can see it. As this can happen because you have changed your preferences, the key is that the conversation screen does not show “Online” at any time.

Similarly, if they block you, you won’t be able to see their status updates, and their profile picture will become the default white silhouette.

Another clue is that, when sending messages, only one of the famous ‘checks’ or ‘ticks’ appears. The message appears as sent, but the two ‘ticks’ that indicate that it has been received are not displayed. Of course, it does not turn blue either, indicating that they have been read.

They may have run out of battery or have no internet at the time, so let’s go over if the other signs occur. If you make amends or promise not to send so many jokes or Christmas greetings, keep in mind that the messages sent will never arrive.

The key test is to add the contact to a group. You don’t need to add anyone else. Create a group and invite the person. If your contact was “could not be added,” it is most likely that they have blocked you. If you could have added it… you would find yourself in a somewhat embarrassing situation.

Is it what you feared? Have you been blocked? You will have to send a letter or communicate through Love posters because your calls will not reach them on WhatsApp either. Luck!

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