New Work: 3 Trends As Drivers For A New Understanding Of Work

3 Trends

Which trends are currently having the greatest impact on the development of New Work, how they are changing the understanding of work and what this means for organizations and their employees.

Everyone is talking about New Work, the new world of work that is finally breaking ground. More flexible, more independent, less – our understanding of good work is changing, that’s for sure. But what exactly is happening there? We looked at the megatrend New Work and its sub-trends on the megatrend map – and found some shifts.

Work-Life Blending Trend: A Viable Concept?

We have mastered the clever combination of private and professional life, for example through home office models and mobile office solutions, excellently in recent years. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, however, it has sometimes been difficult to tell work and life apart because both often took place within one’s own four walls.

With the possibility of returning to the office, work and leisure could once again be assigned to more separate spheres. But practices such as checking e-mails on the cell phone in the morning or making business calls with a private cell phone for the sake of simplicity are difficult to discard. Work-life blending stands for more self-determined work in terms of space and time, but this should not ensure that working hours are no longer limited.

Many freedoms have been gained thanks to the new standard of working from home and making everyday work more flexible. But employees have to learn anew not to mix work and life too much – but to consciously separate them.

Trend Sense Economy For Happy Employees More Important Than Ever

Economics of meaning describes the development that new dimensions of value creation move to the fore, apart from thinking in terms of growth and profit maximization: social added value, sustainability, a happy workforce, social progress. In the meaning economy, the end purpose of the company is no longer under the sign of the capital generation of the company owner, but in the name of all people.

Especially in crises you think about what is important, what makes sense. Employees who see no meaning in their work quit. This is shown by movements such as the Great Resignation in the USA, Tangping in China, or the Lying Flat movement, which recently also became noticeable. More and more people are questioning capitalist ideologies and the need to grow.

Quiet Quitting, perhaps the most recent phenomenon, describes the development that employees are no longer willing to sacrifice themselves for their job and for their manager, but instead prefer to finish work on time and not take on any special tasks or additional work.

Trend Digital Literacy As Future Competence

Companies that want to be successful in times that are increasingly critical of growth must live and promote these new values ​​of the meaningful economy themselves. Above all, they must offer meaningful and resonant offers for employees in order to keep them.

With increasing remote work, international teams ( lack of skilled workers is allowing companies to expand their pool of applicants) and generally more work that takes place online, digital literacy is becoming an absolute future competence. It’s not just about using tools like Microsoft Teams, Asana, Google Docs or Wriketo use correctly. The ability to evaluate information correctly and to be able to react to it appropriately is fundamental.

Our world has changed, and with it the world of work. In order to continue to be able to work well together in a meaningful way, organizations and employees must actively help shape the new world of work.

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