Data Mining

Data mining is the automatic search of large amounts of data for the discovery of trends and patterns. This process can be applied to Business Intelligence to help companies solve various problems.

What Is Data Mining?

Data Mining can be referred to by the terms: “ data exploration ”, “ data drilling ”, “ data mining ” or “ knowledge extraction from data ”. It is a practice at the crossroads between computer science and statistics that refers to the process of analyzing large volumes of data from different angles. It is used to identify relationships between data in order to transform this data into actionable information.

How Data Mining Works

Data Processing

This statistical analysis (data analysis) tool is ideal for processing a large amount of data, especially in the era of Big Data. Data Mining uses computer media with a large storage capacity. Thus, it is possible to sort and put in order the information. In concrete terms, the data collected may relate to the characteristics of products or services, production management or customer behavior.

The Techniques Used

In the field of Data Mining, many techniques can be used depending on the volume of data, their nature and the type of analysis to be performed. These use supervised methods such as classification or regression and unsupervised methods such as segmentation or dimension reduction.

The Use Of Algorithms

Furthermore, Data Mining makes it possible to have intelligible data through the use of algorithms from various disciplines, including computer science, artificial intelligence and statistics. The process ensures, in this sense, the identification of correlations between data sets and the extraction of knowledge useful to the company.

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