Apple Is Cracking Down On Problematic Butterfly Keyboards

Butterfly Keyboards

There was great fanfare when the new MacBook was introduced in 2015 and the MacBook Pro a year later. In addition to a perfect design, a large touchpad, Apple also boasted a new keyboard.

It didn’t take long before the butterfly keyboard became a flop. She became famous for one thing, total unreliability. It was enough for a hair or an eyelash to fall into the gap and you could go to the service center. With each new generation, Apple tried to solve this problem until it finally resigned and from 2020 sells MacBooks with a new keyboard that is not extremely sensitive.

Apple later admitted the problems and introduced a replacement program. Despite this, a class-action lawsuit was filed against it, which alleges that the manufacturer was well aware of the defects with the switches in the laptop models sold between 2015 and 2019.

The manufacturer now agrees to pay $50 million to settle the class action. The proposed settlement agreement still has to be approved by a judge, but it looks like the dispute will finally end.

According to the settlement, users who had to have the butterfly keyboard repaired should be entitled to some kind of compensation – if they live in California, New York, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Washington or Michigan. People in other states are not included in the class for this lawsuit.

The leveling is supposed to be divided into a few levels. Those who had to have at least two upper parts replaced will get the most. Repairing the keyboard basically meant taking the entire laptop apart. Those who have had one or more keys replaced will get the least. In practice, this will mean compensation of up to 50 to 395 dollars, the final amount will depend on the number of registered victims. Of course, the lawyers will also get their share, they will get 30% of the 50 million (which means 15 million).

We add that the current class action is just one of many that Apple can “look forward to.” For our people living in Slovakia, this practically means nothing, they will continue to have to take care of their Macs with love and almost sterile cleanliness.

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