For A Picture, A Thousand Words, And More Sales


If it is so essential to writing quality texts on your website, it is just as crucial that you take care of the images that accompany them.

We cannot forget that there is an emotional component in the purchase process, and since when we buy online, we do not have access to the product physically, the images that describe them are essential.

Would you book a hotel room if you haven’t seen their photos before? Would you buy a dress if its color is not well appreciated in the photos? 

A picture is worth a thousand words. Did you know that it takes 8 seconds for the brain to process an image?

This means that if you have not managed to attract attention in that short space of time, it will bypass your publication.

Look at Social Networks: they are mainly visual and draw attention to what they can say in a few words and a powerful image.

The Image As A Value For Communication

And a good photograph is much more than a mere image, and it is valuable information. And this extra value that you give to your consumers translates into Engagement, that is, in a connection that you establish with your audience that makes it identify with your brand and your values ​​and share your content.


  • Always show photos of your products, since without a photo there will be on sale.
  • The quality of the photos directly influences the purchase decision.
  • Users will be more involved with your brand and with you if the images you show are clear and creative.

In other words; Poor quality photos will create a bad image of both your products and your brand and will slow down your sales. It makes sense, right? If you don’t stop to take care of the image of your products or services, you don’t care if they buy from you or not.

What If You Don’t Have An Online Store? Are You Interested In Knowing How To Edit Images?

Absolutely yes.

Image editing is not complete knowledge for those who have online stores or any other type of company. It will be helpful to know how to manage photos, logos, vectors, or any image in your day-to-day life. 

It may be for their personal use, such as your social networks. Or you may have a portfolio or a blog where you upload samples of your work. Or you want to give your friend an album with the photos of your last trip. Or your boss asks you to make a good presentation for a client, and you want to show off. The possibilities of using an image are as many as your imagination.   

And beyond the photos of those idyllic vacations, think, for example, of LinkedIn and the importance of the profile photo in this professional network. According to the latest TNS report for Info jobs, 6 out of 10 companies take the candidate’s digital profile into account in the selection process, and 70% of companies that use social networks for their hiring processes argue that they use these channels (social networks) because the possibilities of hiring a more suitable profile for the position are more significant.

In this case, not having a photo or not the appropriate one increases the probability that recruiters will not stop at your profile and stop at others. As crude as a simple profile photo may be, why you do not enter a selection process.

And without going any further, have you noticed Pinterest and Instagram? According to a Marketing for ecommerce study, 85% of Internet users use social networks. Do you understand how the power of a good image on these networks? Your content can go wonderfully viral, thanks to a good photo.

How To Take Your First Steps In Image Editing?

Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take advantage of your images. Many programs do wonders with editing, but if you acquire a little knowledge in image editing. There is a wide range of programs to start with in the market, but Photoshop and Illustrator are undoubtedly two of the most popular.

Suppose you are looking for free training and want to become an expert in image editing. In that case, we have the course that best suits your needs, ” Vector Graphic Design with Illustrator, it you will learn to handle advanced techniques for vector graphic design so that you can both improve your images, as well as learn to compose logos, or modify image files in any format, including, of course, vector.

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