How To Make An Effective Onboarding Plan?

Onboarding Plan

When a working person joins a company, it is important to make them feel comfortable from the first moment to foster their adaptation and motivation. In this article we tell you how to achieve it. Keep reading!

What Is Onboarding In A Company?

In the field of human resources, onboarding is the process of receiving and integrating a new worker in an organization . This activity has several objectives : 

  • Report on how the company works. 
  • Discuss the company’s internal policy. 
  • Convey the mission, vision and values. 
  • Locate your job within the company organization chart. 
  • Establish what their functions, objectives and work tools will be. 
  • Introduce your classmates. 

In this way, it is sought that the worker who joins becomes familiar with his work environment as soon as possible and feels comfortable in the company.

Steps For Effective Onboarding

Next, we tell you the roadmap that you must follow to successfully carry out the process of landing and integrating a new worker:

1. Clarity In The Information

To carry out an effective onboarding process, it is necessary to have certain aspects well defined, such as, for example, the mission, vision and values ​​of the company, the organization chart and the functions of the jobs. In this way, you will be clear about what you want to communicate to the new incorporation and you will be able to transmit the message clearly.

Ideally, this information will already be presented prior to hiring, both in job offers and during the interview process, since, in order to ensure that a candidate fits the needs of a job, you also need to check if your values ​​and goals fit with those of the organization.


Once you have informed the candidate that they have been chosen to join the team and before their first day of work arrives, it is advisable to make certain preparations that will make their entry as pleasant as possible .

To do this, it is advisable that, during that period of time, you collect the information and explain to the new recruit what their onboarding process will consist of. Make sure that communication is fluid and pleasant, and convey to that person the desire you have for them to join the company.

Likewise, you must prepare all the documentation that you want to show to the new member, such as the welcome manual or the corporate presentation. It is also advisable to tell the rest of the team that there is going to be a new hire and when it is going to take place so that everyone feels involved.

Onboarding: First Day Of Work

The day that the person finally joins is especially important and you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly. In this way, you will make a good impression on her and make her feel motivated to do her job.

These are some of the actions you can carry out :

  • Choose a worker to give the new worker a guided tour of the facilities and introduce them to the rest of the teams.
  • Present the company in an official way, including the documentation mentioned above as the corporate presentation.
  • Show him how to access the different platforms and tools that he will use in his day to day.
    Hold a presentation meeting with the work team you are going to be part of.
  • Give him a small welcome gift, such as a cup or a notebook with the company logo and/or its name.

4. Onboarding: First Week Of Work

During the first week, it is advisable to share with the new worker an hour’s journey in the company, clearly conveying what the functions that they will have to perform and the stages they will go through . Take your time to explain it to her and, above all, try to dose the information so as not to overwhelm her. Make sure that the leader of the team to which the hired person belongs meets with her to find out how her landing is going and resolve all her doubts.

The onboarding of a new worker does not end after their first week, but continues throughout their first months of work , although the greatest dose of information occurs at the beginning. For this reason, it is important that you keep track of your adaptation to the company, your colleagues and the job, and that both you and the rest of the people in the company transmit a message of motivation and positivity.

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