Entrepreneurial creativity: How To Encourage Initiative Among Working People?

Entrepreneurial creativity

In most companies, employees’ work is marked by clear and concise guidelines that determine what must be done. However, while having rules and routines is essential to working individually and in a team, it is also necessary to promote creativity since it is the basis of innovation and development in any organization. For this reason, in this article, we tell you what this capacity consists of and how to promote the proactivity of the workforce.

What Is Business Creativity?

It is the process of generating original ideas and novel concepts in the field of organizations. It takes place when workers collaborate, contributing their vision and ideas so that the transforming power of the company grows and, with it, the chances of success. 

It may happen that, in some companies, there are highly creative people, but that, due to work circumstances or company culture, their ingenuity is wasted. For this reason, it is essential to promote both a work environment that favors and values ​​the contributions of the members of the workforce and actions and attitudes that contribute to increasing the participation of the workers. Without proactivity, there is no creativity.

Keys To Encourage Employee Initiative

When it comes to stimulating the participation of the workers of a company, the leader’s figure is fundamental since he is the person who directs the team and establishes the rules of the game. In this sense, there are a series of measures that, when put into practice by the bosses, facilitate the contribution of ideas by the workers:

Handle Errors Constructively

If every time a member of the team commits a fault and is punished, ridiculed, or disrespected by his superiors, the worker will end up not feeling comfortable and will stop sharing his ideas with the rest. Instead of acting in this way, it would be more productive to invite reflection and treat the error as an opportunity to learn. 

In addition to leading by example, a good leader will also ensure that the rest of the teammates acquire the same attitude towards mistakes, thus fostering a work environment in which mistakes are part of the teaching.

Empower Employees

Requiring working people to ask permission to take any action in their workplace will alienate them. In other words: not letting employees express themselves freely is the fastest way to kill off initiative and creativity.  

Bearing this in mind, a committed leader will not review every step of the worker to the millimeter but, on the contrary, is capable of delegating tasks and motivating team members to make decisions for themselves. And make proposals freely.

Recognize The Merits And Achievements Of Others

When the employees of a company are deeply involved and put all their efforts into achieving the best results, a leader’s job is to make these people feel valued, both by the boss, by their colleagues, and by the organization. In this way, workers will feel encouraged to continue behaving, maximizing the company’s chances of success. 

On the contrary, when there is no kind of gratitude towards the involvement of the people who make up a team, their motivation to make new proposals and contribute their ideas will likely be reduced. Therefore, to increase participation and ingenuity, it is essential always to recognize the effort of the staff.

Use Techniques Such As Brainstorming

The use of different group tools and activities, as long as they take place in a safe, calm, and trusting environment where the words of others are not judged, will help employees feel more inclined to share their ideas. For example, brainstorming, that is, brainstorming can be used to solve problems or make new proposals that motivate workers to participate.

Benefits For The Company

Encouraging employee initiative directly contributes to increasing creativity, and thus the organization will benefit in various ways, both at the personal and business levels.

Equipment Improvements

When the ingenuity of the individuals in a company stops being stifled, their talent grows considerably, and, consequently, the teams’ capabilities also increase. Precisely for this reason, the efficiency of the workgroups becomes greater by having staff involved and capable of proposing disruptive ideas and novel solutions, which has repercussions on the internal workflows themselves and the development of the company.

Company Progress

Initiative and creativity are a fundamental part of any successful company. Specifically, these are some of the benefits that characterize organizations that value and promote the proactivity and ingenuity of their employees:

Avoid Stagnation

Suppose a company does not have fresh ideas. In that case, it will be impossible to move forward and develop, which is highly dangerous in today’s world, where everything is constantly changing and evolving. Encouraging the participation of individuals is fundamental to progress.

Increase The Experience

Trying new things is always enriching, either because the experiment is successful and improvements are achieved in some area or because it has failed, bringing new learning to the company. Whatever the case, the team will have been enriched by practice.

Increase Differentiation

In a market where many companies compete to offer the same services, being able to stand out from the crowd is everyone’s desire. Thanks to the ingenuity and proactivity of the workgroups, it will be easier to create your own business identity that serves to position yourself better than the competition and manages to attract talent to the organization.

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