How To Save Energy In An SME?


Today, we will tell you how to save energy in an SME. Energy saving in SMEs is one of the savings bags that is not always managed efficiently.

Many of the measures to be adopted are free and will bring us some exciting savings. Others, however, would imply an investment recovered in less than four years. That is, investing in energy savings is very profitable.

As data, in commercial premises, the cost of electricity is 50% of the electricity bill, so there is room for savings.

With the implementation of some simple initiatives, your electricity bill will be significantly reduced,

Make The Most Of Natural Light

Since this light reduces the visual fatigue of workers, try to have an office as translucent as possible since this type of office has a lower cost of electricity. When you have to paint, always choose light colors since this implies having a lower price in light.

Artificial Light

When natural light is not enough, it will have to be supplemented with artificial light, and this is the time to choose LED luminaires. They are the most efficient because they consume less electricity to give the same amount of light, and they also have a longer useful life so that maintenance costs will decrease.

Light Intensity And Presence Detectors

3º Light intensity and presence detectors, the same intensity of light is not necessary for all areas of the company. For example, workstations require greater power than other areas such as corridors, toilets, garages, etc.… regulating the intensity will bring you savings.

Another critical aspect in reducing energy consumption is the installation of presence detectors in transit areas. It is very typical for these areas to always be on when necessary.  

Air Conditioning

It represents a very high % of your company’s energy consumption. In addition, it is a somewhat problematic energy use among workers since each person is comfortable at a different temperature and is dressed differently.

For this reason, one of the measures to reduce consumption associated with air conditioning would be to replace individual thermostats with others that cannot be manipulated by employees, which allows centralized control of air conditioning equipment and, therefore, energy consumption.

In addition, it is essential to program the air conditioning equipment to the actual demand of the workforce, that is, to limit its hours of operation and the temperature over time according to needs.

In summer, limit the temperature of the air conditioning to 25-26º C and, in winter, keep the temperature at 20-21º C.

Another aspect that influences air conditioning is the thermal insulation of the building. Construction elements such as facades, roofs, or windows can be changed or improved, which leads to savings of up to 30%.

Personal Awareness

With routines as simple and accessible as “the last one to leave the office, check that everything is turned off,” turn off the computer and the screen at the end of the day (in this way, the consumption of standby mode is eliminated, this represents a 10 % saving). It involves employees sharing with them a % of the savings obtained.

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