Masako Katsura Biography – The First Lady of Billiards

Masako Katsura

Masako Katsura, also called the first lady of billiards, was born in 1913 and died in 1915. She had come into the limelight with her game. At a time when men were only considered as playing the game at the simplest, Masako Katsura entered into the game and announced herself to the Billiards game for her elegant play. That is why she is called the First woman of billiards. She broke the gender barriers in the 90s, competed with many men, and defeated them with her game skills.

Today in our article, let us discuss her life and achievements and let future generations take inspiration from her life.

About Masako Katsura

Below are some details that we collected about Masako Katsura from the web.

NameMasako Katsura
Nick NameKatsy
Height5 Feet
Birth Date07\03\1913
Death Date20\12\1995
Country Of BirthJapan
Famous ForShe is famous for playing carom billiards
OccupationAthlete (billiards)
CitizenshipAmerican Citizen

Early Life Of Masako Katsura

Masako Katsura was born in March 1913 in Tokyo [Japan]. Later, she moved to the United States and became a US citizen. She had a brother and three sisters. Her father died at a young age, and she lived with her elder sister and her husband.

Her brother-in-law owns a billiard room at his house, and Masako Katsura used to spend most of the time in the billiard room only. At 13, she learned a lot about the game from her brother-in-law and also worked as an attendant. From childhood, she faced many health issues, so her mother encouraged Katsura to play the game to develop her mental state and physical strength. At a young age, she used to compete with Japanese men and used to beat them. At the age of 15, she won the women’s championship. Masako Katsura’s other two younger sisters also used to play billiards, and they also won championships.

She was married to American serviceman Vernon Greenleaf in November 1950. They both met for the first time in Tokyo at a billiard exhibition. Masako Katsura used to teach him the billiard game basics; thus, they both loved each other, and their relationship went to the marriage. These two never had children.

Achievements Of Masako Katsura

In 1937 When Masako Katsura met Kinney Matsuyama, her game improved. He had provided her with many tips and tricks on billiards that made her perfect in the game. From then, her career peaked. She was known for her cue skills in the game.

In her lifetime Masako Katsura participated and won many championships in Japan and the United States. In 1947 she became the most elegant billiard player in japan. Mainly in 1954, she won the World Three-Cushion Tournament(different from the traditional billiards game). She was the only female participant in that tournament and won against many male players.

In 1961 when she lost a game against Harold worst, she retired and never again participated. During her peak days, she appeared on many TV channels and also gave many interviews. Later she died in 1995 at her sister’s home. In 2022 Katsura Memorial was held in Japan.

In 2021 on international women’s day, she was featured on the homepage of the world-famous search engine google. Google doodle honoured this to encourage many women worldwide by taking Masako Katsura as their inspiration.

Net worth Of Masako Katsura

Masako Katsura has earned so much money throughout her lifetime. It is expected that she will have money worth 6 Million USD. It is not known for its lifestyle and automobile collections. This is the information that we gathered about her worth from Wikipedia.

She also published books like “Improve your Billiards” and “Introduction to Billiards” after her retirement in 1961. Besides the money, she had earned a name and fame worldwide and stood as an inspiration to many ladies.


Who is the husband of Masako Katsura?

Vernon Greenleaf – American serviceman

What is the age of Katsura?

She was 82 years of age at the time of her death.

How did Katsura die?

She had died due to an age-related illness[heart attack].

Who are the children of Masako Katsura?

No, they do not have any children.

When did Katsura play billiards for the last time?

 She players at a billiard parlour in san francisco in 1976


We gathered the complete information about Masako Katsura that was on Google, optimized it neatly, and kept it in front of you. She represented all women worldwide with her brilliant gameplay and encouraged future generations to participate in sports. Not only this sport, but her life has also motivated several girl children to do different things in their life by choosing different paths. Thus Masako Katsura had a significant influence on women throughout the world. At last, all we can say is, “Thank You, Katsy“.

In the present world, many women are struggling to decide their career path due to gender inequality. To overcome this, women must think out of the box and choose their passion by keeping all their fears aside and taking a step further. This will make the world brighter.

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