PBN SEO, Private Blog Network, What Is It And How Does It Work?


It is well known that links are a determining source to be competitive and achieve the best levels of visibility and SEO organic traffic . Google said this in 2016 : “it is one of the top 3 ranking factors next to content and RankBrain”. However, getting links naturally is not an easy task, which is why many SEO specialists choose to use alternatives such as the creation of PBN SEO .

A technique that allows you to apply all the variables that the Google algorithm (Pengui) takes into account to award better results in the SERPs to those sites that have good quality links . And most importantly: they are natural.

Therefore, we can say that a PBN SEO is an action called BlackHat SEO , since it tries to trick search engines to get better results.

What Is A PBN SEO Network?

It is a network of private blogs . That is, they are of a single property and are used to generate links from one site to another, thus promoting an improvement and optimization of positioning .

A PBN SEO network must be thematically homogeneous with domains with a certain Authority Domain

The links that are generated from a PBN network are usually sent in a progressive way , going through different domains in such a way that the main domain will never be linked from all the blogs, but a strategy will be created in which all the domains of this network will each have their functionality and linking action . This will allow the last site (the main one) to receive these links to gain a large amount of Link Juice and therefore an added value to their AD .

For a PBN SEO network to have value, it must meet two main requirements: that the theme is homogeneous or similar in all of them, and that these domains have a minimum of Authorithy Domain (AD) .

Another element to take into account when setting up a PBN SEO network is domain registration . These are usually expired domains that at some point had a hosted website and therefore will have a link pointing to them.

How Is A Private PBN SEO Blog Network Structured?

The structure of a PBN SEO is of a pyramidal hierarchical type , whose different strata are classified into different Tiers (levels), placing the most important at the top and those of lower value or lower AD at the bottom of the pyramid.

From the initial structure, the links of the blogs located in the lower Tiers must point to those that are in the higher Tiers , but these will never link to the money site or main site, but these links will be distributed gradually. gradually passing through the different strata or Tiers progressively.

How Is The Structure Defined?


It is made up of the main and most authoritative blogs and that will be the ones that point to the website that we want to position ( money site ). These blogs usually have their own domain and high quality content .


Its main function is to transmit authority to Tier1 blogs and strengthen their positioning. They are usually blogs that do not have their own domain .


They are the ones that contain the worst quality links , such as links in the comments of third-party articles, forums and other related sites. These will point to sites that belong to Tier2 .

It is important that each Tier level triples at least the links of the lower level . That is, if Tier1 offers 20 links to the money site , Tier2 sites will have to offer 80 to Tier1 blogs and the links coming from Tier3 will have to provide Tier2 with about 240 links.

Issues To Consider When Creating A Private PBN Network

As we have already mentioned, a PBN network is a strategy that is penalized by search engines , so you have to be very careful when carrying out this type of black hat action . Therefore, we recommend that you do not venture to carry out this type of action if it is not under the supervision of an SEO professional.

Since you will need to avoid being detected by trackers , you will need to be as opaque as possible. For this, the following conditions must be met:

  • Each page must be hosted on a server with a different IP
  • The domains must not be registered by the same owner . Make sure the Who is data is hidden .
  • Use different web layout methods, templates, plugins, composer or cms in each of your blogs

Benefits Of Creating A PBN Network

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the main benefit that a PBN network offers you is to improve positioning through the links generated . But as an added value we could say that:

  • They are a strategy that allows you to position yourself in less time than it would normally take to position a site naturally.
  • It is a technique that has been shown to work , although with great risks.
  • It allows you to have absolute control of the links .
  • The links that you will generate to your main website will be of quality , since they will be directly related to your theme.

Risks And Disadvantages Of A PBN Private Blog Network

PBN networks are a method that allows you to alter positioning rankings in an artificial way , since they are not editorial links with great content, but a way to “cheat” the system, so these guidelines seriously violate the rules of Google . Therefore, the risks to which you are exposed are:

  • You may receive a manual penalty from Google, resulting in a drop in rankings and even disappearance from the results index.
  • Manual penalties are in many cases irrevocable , destroying any possibility of monetizing your main site through organic results.
  • They are laborious since they require the development of a large number of websites that require technical resources and maintenance.
  • They are usually expensive and therefore require a significant budget . They require the hiring of technical services and content creation on a constant basis.

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