Self-Timer On The iPhone: Here It Is, And This Is How You Use It


Do you want to snap a group photo and be in the picture, but you don’t have the remote control option? Then the self-timer on the iPhone will help you. We’ll show you where to find the function and how you can use it.

Selfies and group photos are quick to take if you are at arm’s length or don’t have to be in the group. Picture yourself. As soon as you want to take a photo of yourself from a greater distance or show the picture with friends to the whole group, you need accessories. Or you use the self-timer in the iPhone and set up the phone in a suitable place. Apple has now hidden the function a bit in the camera app.

iPhone: Using The Self-Timer For Photos On Apple phones – This Is How It works

The current Apple smartphones, such as the iPhone 13, offer many features that the company integrates directly into the camera app. The iPhone’s self-timer is also integrated with a symbol that activates the function. If you have an older Apple cell phone, you may see the self-timer of the iPhone camera directly in the app without any additional steps.

  • Open the camera app on your iPhone
  • With the mobile phone aligned vertically, tap on the small arrow at the top
  • The mode bar above the shutter button switches to other camera functions
  • Now tap on the “circle with pointer” on the far right to activate the iPhone self-timer
  • Then you can choose between 3 and 10 seconds as a countdown
  • If the self-timer on the iPhone is switched on, the color of the symbol changes to yellow
  • With another tap on the symbol and “timer off,” you deactivate the feature again
  • Now press the big shutter release as you would with an ordinary photo

As soon as you have pressed the record button, the countdown starts. You can also recognize this by the flash, which lights up again and again in synchronization. About 3 seconds before the picture is automatically taken, the flash flashes much faster so that you can check your pose and expression again.

Good to know: Alternatively, you can also control the iPhone camera with the Apple Watch. If you have the smartwatch connected to your mobile phone on your wrist, you can take photos remotely at the push of a button.

iPhone Self-Timer: Record A Series

If you don’t just want to take a picture to be on the safe side, you don’t have to change any additional settings. By default, your iPhone takes a series of up to 10 photos using the self-timer, provided the lighting conditions are good. Our tests also indicate that the number of photos is probably determined automatically by the lighting conditions and your additional settings (flash/night mode).

In the case of dark photos, only one photo may be taken with a flash or long exposure using the night mode. If you want to force the iPhone self-timer several times, you have to switch off features such as the flash or night mode completely.

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