The Importance Of Dissemination In Branded Content

Branded Content

When a brand shows interest in branded content, many questions arise during the project development process. The professionals who dedicate themselves to it know that no two branded content are the same, but perhaps there is a series of issues that are repeated. Among them, those related to measurement and return on investment are recurrent. For this reason, they are highly discussed and debated issues within the sector; That is why I want to dedicate this article to reflect on another aspect that I consider relevant and that is among those doubts that may arise when the client embarks on the exciting adventure of creating content for their brand: dissemination.

The objective of branded content is to create content, under any type of format, that is relevant to the target or one of the targets to which the brand is directed. A branded content delves into what the brand is and makes it reach the public in a friendly way, where it gives up its leading role.

But, how are we going to get the content to the public? This is a key question that often arises when the project is very advanced and my experience tells me that this should not be the case. Because, although there are brand contents with a high capacity for organic capillarity among society, there are so many others that need a boost of variable magnitude to achieve it. This fact makes it essential that this need be transferred both to the definition and to the subsequent development of the content. Because the nature of branded content can lead us to think that dissemination is guaranteed and is closely linked to the content itself, when in most cases this is not the case. We can create the best podcast in the world or the most interesting talent show, but it is useless if we do not have the right platform to make it reach our audiences. Because, focusing on dissemination from the beginning will help us define how to partially measure the return on investment obtained by the project, even taking the idea on which it is based one step further.

Therefore, it is necessary that questions such as how are we going to reach our target? or do we have the appropriate brand support for this project or should we create them? They appear in the early stages of creating a branded content project. If not, we are becoming a film director with his film already shot under our arms in search of a screen to show it.

And now the question that we all have in our heads, does dissemination mean investment? Strictly no, or not always. Factors such as the participation of a familiar face in the project, a loyal community on social networks, the existence of a wide network of points of sale or the use in favor of the social or informative context, can be levers that help the project to take off. Along with them, there are strategies such as reaching agreements with media groups to give the content exclusively, an innovative diffusion of the same or the intelligent use of influencer marketing that can replace direct investment to get the fuse lit.

In short, it is about understanding that when we talk about branded content, the what is as important as the where. And that in addition to the format that the content should have, we think and dedicate effort to planning and promoting its dissemination.

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