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If you are a torrent user then you are not new to Torrentday torrents. It is one of the popular and famous online torrenting websites that we can get from the internet. Torrentday is a website where we can find and download a number of torrents, Latest Movies, TV shows, TV Series, Games, Apps, Software and many other items. All the content provided by this Torrentday Proxy is free for their users. They will not charge any money from their users. Lets jump into the main article

What Is A Torrentday Proxy?

Generally we all know that torrents and using torrents is illegal. That’s Why many countries are not allowing their people to access these websites. So they are blocking torrent websites in their countries. But that doesn’t allow people to stop using torrent websites. The website administrators are releasing a number of proxy and mirror websites which allows the users to access the torrent websites. Similarly Torrentday torrents administrators also developed a lot of Torrentday Proxy and mirror sites. Below is the list that you can use and unblock the Torrentday torrents.

Torrentday Proxy List [2024] – Updated

Below is the complete list of Torrentday proxy list and mirror websites. These URLs will take you directly to the root domain of Torrentday. You can try another proxy if anyone in the list is not working.


The above mentioned proxy URLs are the ones we found on the internet. But there are also many other proxy sites which will take you to the root domain of torrentday. If you know any one of them then you can mention it in the comment section, so that we will add it to our proxy and mirror sites list.

Unblock Torrentday Using VPN

Not only with the Torrentday Proxy we can also unblock the torrentday website with the help of VPN servers. In the 21st century it is a must and should thing for every internet user. With the help of VPN we can change our IP Address to another country and access the blocked website that we cannot access from our country. There are a lot of free and paid VPN services in the present market. Below are some of the VPN services you can opt for.

  • Express VPN Service
  • Surfshark VPN Service
  • Proton VPN Service
  • Nord VPN Service
  • Pure VPN Service
  • TorGuard VPN Service
  • IPVanish VPN Service

The above mentioned VPN services are the Top ones that are popular in the present market. There are also a number of other Small VPN services with less price for subscriptions. Based on your requirements you can choose the one.

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Is It legal To Use Torrentday

Using Torrentday proxy is illegal. Sometimes our devices will be hacked if we use this type of torrent website. Cyber criminals will be waiting for you to click the third part ad links with click bait. Once you click them you will be redirected to some other websites from where your device data will be stolen. So we have to be very careful while using this type of website. Better not to use torrenting websites in any case.

Some Of The Best Alternatives To Torrentday

If you are not getting the results by using both the methods of Torrentday proxy and VPN unblocking then you can go to another method by choosing one the best alternative to Torrentday which has all the features the same. Below are some of the similar websites from which you can make a choice

Each and every website that we mentioned above are illegal torrent websites where we can access the contents like Movies, Torrents, Series, Shows and games for free of cost. Every site has proxy and mirror websites which we can use if the original URL is not working.


Here in this article we did not intend to encourage any torrent or pirate websites like Torrentday. We just mentioned the Torrentday Proxy sites that are available on the internet. From our point of view using these torrents is not a good thing. Sometimes you may end up behind the bars and also with a huge fine. So better go for the legal platforms for watching Movies and TV Shows

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