Wet Mobile? Do Not Panic! See How To Prevent It From Going Bad

Wet Mobile

Summer is coming and the pools, the beach or the river. It is the perfect time for your mobile to fill with water in a mistake of yours. If you do not have a waterproof mobile, you will probably go into a rage thinking that your baby has suffered the ravages of your neglect. The first thing … Take it easy! The world is not ending, and you can still save it very cheaply since you will only need 1 kg of rice from the supermarket, that for 1 euro you have it.

The Most Important … Do Not Turn On The Mobile!

When you realize that your mobile is soaked, dry it on the outside with a towel, kitchen paper, or whatever you have on hand. Suppose your mobile is one of those you can remove the battery, do it! And dry it well on the outside. The most important thing is that you never turn it on since if water has entered and you turn it on, you can cause a short circuit and forget about your mobile forever.

Open the entire mobile and remove the battery, memory card, and SIM. With everything disassembled, we will let the mobile dry in the air, nothing to put next to the radiator or plug in the dryer at full speed … That is not good for your mobile!

Rice, Our Best Ally

The next thing to do is take a large bowl and fill it with raw rice. Then we take the disassembled mobile, put it in the bowl, and leave it submerged for about 24 hours. Rice is a cereal that absorbs moisture perfectly, or what is the same. It will take all the water from our mobile.

After 24 hours, remove it from the bowl and see if it is still wet. In this case, please leave it in the rice again for another 24 hours. If not, you can put it back together, and now, turn it on. If it does not turn on the first time, do not panic as it may not have dried completely, so leave it in rice again for 24 more hours.

After 48 hours, try to turn it on. If it does not turn on, you will have to take it to technical service or think about buying another new mobile. The normal thing is that it works again with these steps if you have not spent half an hour with the mobile submerged in the water, of course.

Do not put your hands on your head if you run out of mobile. Take it to technical service and see if it pays to fix it. If the arrangement costs you too much, you can propose buying a Chinese mobile since they are great and the value for money is unbeatable. You have Chinese mobiles for less than 100 euros, less than 200 euros, and less than 300 euros. Now choosing it is up to you.

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