What To Do If You’ve Been Hacked?


Getting hacked is the modern nightmare of many companies. Since more and more aspects of our modern society take place on the Internet and communication increasingly takes place via email, this is equivalent to breaking into your own four walls. It is, therefore, important to protect yourself in advance in order to keep the damage from a possible hacker attack as low as possible and to act correctly if the worst comes to the worst.

What Does It Mean To Be Hacked?

Basically, it means that someone unauthorized has gained access to a computer system. To achieve this, the hacker has several options and will choose the one that seems easiest to him. Exploiting security gaps, using special software, or simply stealing access names and passwords are the most common methods.

Of course, it is illegal to hack someone else’s system, but criminal hackers don’t care. If you think you’ll make quick money and feel safe, possible fines or prison sentences are little deterrent. Even if you can’t withdraw funds directly, you can still make fast money by stealing data.

Incidentally, it’s not just computer systems that are at risk from hackers; smartphones also need to be protected. Here, too, there are opportunities to intrude and steal data.

What Do You Do If The Computer Is No Longer Secure?

If a hacker has gained access to the computer, he can access all of the computer’s data, change programs, or install malware. Software like this is particularly dangerous because a hacker can track movements on the computer in real-time and use free storage space for his purposes.

If you suspect that someone has gained access to the system, you should first run a virus scan. This checks the PC for harmful or suspicious programs and files. At the same time, you should also uninstall any software that seems suspicious.

If the computer is running unusually slowly, this can have various causes. If you open the task manager and look in the “Processes” tab, you can see which processes are putting a noticeably high load on the hard drive, CPU, or RAM. Once you have found something, you can still see what kind of process it is and deactivate it if necessary.

In this case, you should also disconnect the computer from the Internet. If you suspect remote access by a hacker, this can only take place if there is an internet connection. If the link is disconnected, you can test the performance utilization of your computer again.

Now, you should send the computer to an expert who will be able to remove the malware completely. Only then should you use it again; unfortunately, just waiting a few days won’t help.

What Should You Do If Your Email Account Has Been Hacked?

If you suspect that your email account has been hacked, you should first check your outbox to see whether emails have been sent to unknown accounts. You should also look closely at any password requests that you did not make yourself or purchase confirmations from shops where you do not shop.

If you suspect this, you should also carry out a virus scan because you are usually not limited to your email inbox, and other systems could also be affected. Then you can also check on special websites whether the email address has been hacked; one of these sites is ibeenpwned.com.

In addition, the password should be changed immediately so that hackers no longer have access to the mailbox. Evidence should be collected that there was unauthorized access. Screenshots are a quick and easy way to do this. In particular, you should order confirmations from online shopping or access to social media accounts.

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What Should You Do If The Online Shop Account Has Been Hacked?

Because a lot of purchases are made online these days, this form of hacking is particularly annoying. It’s also annoying because you have to prove that you didn’t make the purchase yourself. So that nothing can happen in the future, you should first change your password and, in this context, also the password of your email inbox.

As already mentioned, you should collect evidence of what was purchased and try to provide proof that you did not buy anything yourself. Screenshots are a good first way to secure evidence. You then contact the customer service of the online shop directly and try to cancel the purchases. If the online shop refuses to cancel the purchase and does not want to refund any money, you should seek legal advice. At the same time, you should file a police report about identity theft. It doesn’t matter whether a physical product was purchased or a digital product such as a voucher; you should always report financial damage.

What To Do If Your Smartphone Has Been Hacked?

Many people still believe that you cannot hack a smartphone, but this is wrong because a smartphone is nothing more than a small computer. Just like on the computer, it is important to pay attention to what links you click on and what software you install on your smartphone.

If a hacker has gained access, there’s not much you can do but try to get rid of the virus. At the same time, keep an eye on your cell phone bill and see whether an unusually large amount of data volume is being used. If the smartphone suddenly noticeably slows down, this could be an indication of malware that is still installed on the smartphone.

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