Ecommerce, The Only Way Out For Small Shops?


The current health and economic crisis derived from the coronavirus has shaken the foundations of most small businesses with the sale to the public since, for at least one month, their doors must be closed.

Faced with this situation, more than 250,000 SMEs have zero income. Only food stores, pharmacies, and kiosks can maintain their activity facing the public.

This was an unimaginable situation a few months ago, but the reality is that we already have it here, and unfortunately, it will stay with us for the next few months.

Faced with this reality, SMEs with sales to the public must seek new solutions to maintain their income or suffer the least possible decrease.

Set Up Your Ecommerce

This option presents the advantages of being the owner of it, and you make all the decisions, from the image of the same, the categories, advertising, strategies, etc … But like everything in life, it also has several disadvantages:

  • A significant investment in time and money is necessary to get started
  • In the initial moment, nobody knows your ecommerce. For the public to get to know it, it takes time and a lot of money.

Include Your Products In An Existing Ecommerce

Due to the current situation, it is the best option since it allows you to start selling your products immediately, without making any initial outlay.

In addition, you will enjoy the brand image of ecommerce, and you will access all its registered customers from the first moment. On the other hand, you must pay a% of your sales to ecommerce.

In both options, you must have the ability to send the products sold to the end customer. We recommend that this shipment take no more than 24/48 h.

Use Smart Offers

  • Not only do you reach all the “private” clients, but your offers also reach all the employees of our client companies.
  • We help you to optimize all the costs of your company
  • We promote your products

With this combination of increased sales through ecommerce, plus a reduction in the costs of your SME, you will have a much better chance of successfully overcoming these difficult times.

From Smart Offers, we launched the “Campaign against Coronavirus” where you can enjoy:

  • Three months of free ecommerce that is, without paying any commission for what you sell.
  • Free optimization of 2 items of spending for your business, specifically: electricity and insurance.

Smart Offers is divided into nine categories with which we reach almost all the needs of our public. However, our catalog does not stop expanding by adding new suppliers, products, and experiences.

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