The Time Factor And Its Importance In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We are very clear about the actions that we will carry out in our digital marketing strategy, but sometimes doubts assail us; how often to publish or schedule them? A minor detail a priori must be very well chosen by the office.

Publishing content on social networks, sending newsletters, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads campaigns, blogging … all these are vital details that today prevail in an essential digital marketing strategy. We want to work on our brand, get more customers, make our loyalty efforts profitable, and, therefore, obtain better financial results for our organization. So far, the idea is clear. We know what we want to do, how we want to do it, and who should carry it out. The most important part of our digital marketing strategy is kept in mind. Still, there is an essential factor where many companies often fail and do not take the timely consideration that it requires: the time factor.

The time factor is vital in digital marketing. We cannot act at the top of the page in this regard; we must have timing and consistency in content that helps us work on different aspects such as positioning and branding. For example, when updating social networks, it is advisable to do it between 4 and 5 times a week with a publication, mixing purely commercial publications, informational publications, and others of a lighter nature and where we also prioritize the use of videos, images, iconographies or gifs that produce more significant impact than the recurring text or specific links. Posting very occasionally on Facebook or not having a record of publications on other social networks can be detrimental to our image.

It is also advisable to update our blog or the news section at least once a week so that it is thriving and valuable at the SEO level. Having a blog and updating it once a month is wasted work in terms of positioning. Another aspect highlighting the importance of the time factor in digital marketing is sending newsletters.

Bombarding our clients or potential clients with these newsletters every day is a huge mistake since we will achieve the opposite effect: they unsubscribe or block us. The ideal in this regard is to send a newsletter a month with information, news, offers, promotions… Collected attractively. We may also have specific offers that are worth being sent through this technique, but in digital marketing, it is possible not to abuse the sending of newsletters. Our image is at stake.

The same happens with campaigns on Facebook Ads or Google Adwords. If in the second, it is advisable to carry out campaigns for great dates in the commercial calendar or product launches, being able to do as many as the company can – here there is no minimum or maximum of campaigns -, in Facebook Ads, it is advisable to bet on promoting the most updates. Interesting that we hang on this social network.

For example, if we sell sheets and quilts and establish a publication calendar on Facebook similar to this: Monday, offer publication; Tuesday, publication link external article of decoration, Wednesday, publication animated gift; Thursday, product publication and Friday, blog publication. It will be the Monday, Thursday, and Friday posts that would be worth promoting. Everything will depend on the budget that the company has for it.

It is necessary to be very clear about the correlation in time and the use of the different tools. Suppose one week we talk on our blog about a new product or service that we have incorporated into our company. In that case, it is expected that most of the publications on social networks refer to it to emphasize more in the message. Some of these publications must be promoted in Facebook Ads, a campaign must be carried out in Google Adwords to position this new offer, and it will be a star content of our monthly newsletter as it is.

And it is that the time factor in digital marketing is significant to be able to observe results, analyze them and change or not the strategies or content to follow on our path to success.

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