Eight Tips To Succeed On LinkedIn With Your Professional Profile

Professional Profile

Do you know how important it is to have a good profile to succeed on LinkedIn? We refer to the social network of professionals par excellence, to the Google of the world of work. If you want to be in it and your presence does not go unnoticed, you must make a little effort. “Being there” is not going to help you at all. To be right, in this article, we will give you eight tips so that your LinkedIn profile has its mark. Pay attention; you will learn to improve your professional showcase with little effort. Trust us, and it’s much easier than it seems.

How To Make A Professional Profile To Succeed On LinkedIn

Define What You Want To Use LinkedIn For.

As we said, LinkedIn is the Google of professionals, so you must be clear about your objective and what you want to achieve using this social network. You can guide your profile and define the next steps based on this. If you are not clear about it, you cannot take full advantage of it. Some are looking for a new job; others want to meet professionals in their sector; some want to find investors for their project; others who get clients or suppliers and look for synergies. What do you want? Get you?

Your Photo Is The Mirror Of Your Profile.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The photograph you use in your profile can say everything about you, good and bad. And be careful because LinkedIn is not Instagram, so before uploading your photo, ensure it meets the standards of a good professional photo. We advise appearing alone in the photograph, without friends, partners, or children. Also that your face looks good, and you appear naturally and smiling. The photo must be of good quality. If possible, take it by a photographer so that the lighting is perfect. Image is another way to succeed on LinkedIn.

The Background Photo Is Also Very Important.

The background banner on your profile also provides information about who you are and what you do on LinkedIn. Take advantage of this space with an image with which you want to be identified. For example, an image related to your company or a neutral background with a single phrase. If you want to be original, avoid free banks.

Take Care Of Your Main Data.

The key data of your profile are those that appear at the top. Anyone who wants to know who you are and what you do will consult, at least this part. If his reading interests him, he will continue reading the rest of your profile.

Full Name: you must put your name and your two last names. Nothing else. It is not serious to use a fake profile or a personal profile as a company page.

Professional Headline: the line that appears right under your name is important, perhaps the most important. Despite this, few people pay it the attention it deserves. You have 120 characters, to sum up your profile in one sentence, so you better not take it lightly.

Keywords Are Essential: You must use keywords in your description in the most optimized way possible. Which one to put? Before you start, you will have to find out. What keywords define your profession?

Use Storytelling In Your Extract.

The extract is the next thing they will see about you, so it must also be original and not limit yourself to summarizing your professional career as if it were a curriculum vitae. You must use this space to write a text that invites you to continue reading your profile. To achieve this, storytelling can be your perfect ally. We all like to read stories. Tell yours with grace, and everyone will be hooked on your profile from the first moment. For example, if you are a lawyer and your father was one too, you could tell them how your mother prepared coffee before the clients arrived so they felt at home. Give it imagination.

Your Experience Is Not Limited To Data And Dates.

In the experience part, you must make a more or less elaborate list of all the companies in which you have worked in the past, as well as the dates and your job position. But do not stop at that alone; it’s very bland. Also, explain what your responsibilities were or what some of your achievements were. For example, if you managed to close a deal with an important client that forced you to expand the company’s workforce, this is the right place to inform the world.

Don’t Forget About Skills And Ratings.

It is one of the most forgotten sections in the profiles of this social network. It is at the end of everything, and almost nobody pays attention to it. Why not take advantage of it to show off your professional skills? Your contacts will be able to validate them, and hey, everyone must know what is the best you know how to do.

Post And Share.

Your LinkedIn profile may look amazing, but if you don’t post or share anything, it will look like you’ve abandoned this social network. Therefore, be active about the contacts you already have. This will help you gain prominence so that other people know your profile and are interested in learning more about you. The content you share must add value and align with your way of thinking and your LinkedIn goals. For example, nobody will mind sharing a story about football if you are a marketing professional. Still, they might be interested in a good article from an American blog in the little-known sector. And finally, one last piece of advice: try to find the balance between yourself as a human being and your professional self.

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