How To Optimize My WordPress Website? To do?

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We are going to explain who your visitors are, how to seduce them and increase your sales with these secrets to optimize your website. For this reason, if you are interested in knowing how to optimize my WordPress website, we will mention the best ways. In addition to the options you have to improve the performance of your website.

Why Is A Blog Necessary?

When updating the content of a blog, many are unaware of the importance of having original and valuable material. It is true that updating regularly is important. But you won’t have done much if you only copy and paste articles from other media, or fill it with irrelevant texts, once a week.

Assuming that the reason you created your website is to reach potential customers. Understand the importance of providing current information, creating content that can nourish the intellect, and updating regularly. This is essential for your brand on the internet as well as knowing how to optimize my website.

It is not wrong to believe that the heart of your website is your blog. This can be considered the most flexible section of the site. But beware. Do not neglect the rest of its parts, or its quality. You should always be attentive to improve (WordPress performance).

The Error Of How To Improve My Website In WordPress

If you are starting your company on the net, perhaps not many times, you have sat down to think about what is going through the mind of a potential client . From the first moment when meeting your homepage.

Think that they discover themselves for the first time in a new space, which is your home page. Your job as a host is to provide them with the elements that will form their opinion about your brand, making any detail they need accessible. Whether they continue browsing will depend on how comfortable they feel, or they will leave you with no regrets, looking for another site where they can easily find what they want.

Of course no one wants this to happen. That is why we must thoroughly review all the details. In addition to understanding the reasons why visitors leave our portal. And with this information adjust everything so that they no longer run into the arms of a competitor. Just like how to speed up the loading of my WordPress.

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How To Speed Up The Loading Of My WordPress : Tips And More

Having a website that generates an impact on visitors and that works well, has a job behind it. For this reason, below we will solve your doubt about how to optimize my WordPress website and what are the aspects that you should take care of:

1. Do Not Welcome On Your Home Page

The client knows that you want it there and you are happy to have it on your page. Think that the vision capacity, when entering a page, is limited. Don’t waste it on truisms or worthless lines. Provide a headline that informs about what you are offering them, in a way that they feel like you are the expert in the field of their needs.

2. Don’t Focus On You

Once the potential consumer has finished reading the successful title, they will enter the sea of ​​the presentation text. Remember that he is the protagonist. Don’t waste energy, time, and space filling the home page with paragraphs about your achievements, feats, or company titles. Here, the focus is the needs and interests of your client. Treat him as “you” (or “Vos”), to make him feel that you are speaking to his face and looking into his eyes. When you put his desires so close, you will make him think better about what he needs. This will invite him to stay reading and understand that you will offer a solution, eventually.

3. Use SEO In Your Favor

Put into practice everything you know about the use of keywords to optimize the site for search engines. Also, tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner can be of great help in how to optimize my WordPress website. Because they offer you information on the most searched words, discriminated by product or service, locally or globally. Be careful to add them to your text so that it feels organic and not noticeable. Otherwise you would ruin the reading of your message and it may even scare away your customers.

4. Use A Close And Conversational Tone

Create a connection between what you want to tell and what your client might need. Strike up a conversation, through your lines. Do not use ostentatious terms, or too technical language and save metaphorical images for another type of situation. Comfort and help, is what your visitors are looking for.

5. Organize Your Website

If you are looking for how to optimize my WordPress website, organizing your page very well is also part of this task. So visitors don’t just take a look to find what they’re looking for. Otherwise, they will doubt whether you really have what they need. You can also organize the relevant information in view and take the user down to the pages of most interest related to their search.

6. Don’t Forget The CTA

One thing that studies have shown is that the best web pages have a call to action. This has conditioned Internet users and it is known that when they arrive at a new site, they are ready to act. If they don’t find that on your portal, they will lose interest. Make it big and place it in a place that is visually harmonious with your proposal.

7. Avoid Very Long Paragraphs:

It is known that readers no longer sit down to read until the last paragraph, to find out if what they have in front of them likes it or not. They are human scanners. They enter, take a look and know if they are interested in the site or not. Our recommendation, short paragraphs. The endless stories are no longer popular.

8. Use Tools That Help You How To Speed Up The Loading Of My WordPress

Make your page fast, friendly and of interest to your audience. You can use plugins to optimize WordPress for free in this way the loading of your website will be faster. For example, there is the wp rocket plugin, which will tell you how your website is performing.

9. Add Your Social Networks

Don’t forget about social networks. You can also insert your business card where people follow you and recommend you to their friends. In this way, you will increase the possibility of sharing the content to more potential customers.

Tools Or Plugin To Optimize WordPress That Could Help You

  • Check your unique content, this can be achieved with Yoast SEO.
  • Find duplicate content and broken links.
  • Check the speed of your page, with wp rocket.
  • Is your website responsive?.
  • Google Keyword Planner Alternative.
  • Associate your website with Google Analytics.

How To Optimize My WordPress Website


The summary of this is that your page has to be designed for your visitors, not for you, leaving aside the “I”. The link that you must create with them is personal, intimate and focus on learning about strategies that attract their attention, informing about the benefits of your product. It is a priority that the client knows that you have the answer to their wishes, needs or problems.

Likewise, you must remember how to optimize my WordPress website. To achieve this, you have different alternatives, such as plugins to optimize the WordPress website. 

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