How To Use Power BI To Get Indicators In Your Family Business

Power BI

Using Power BI to extract indicators in your family business is useful, it is cheap and it is a very good option when you want to extract indicators that tell you how your business is doing.

You are the manager of your family business and you have fought (and continue to fight) with the ERP that you finally decided to implement in your company. You finally have a lot of data of your activity.

You have a lot of data about your operations, your orders, your purchases, your accounting accounts.
Before running, you have to walk to use Power BI to get indicators.

There are many consulting firms that implement dashboards in companies. Some of them even call them balanced scorecard or BSC. (without being)

But not all do it well because they fail at the first.

They fail at the cornerstone: knowledge of the customer’s business.

You are the one who knows your business best, so you know better than anyone where you have the stone in your shoe, and that is why you are the one who can best define in which direction you have to look. What aspects should be paid attention to?

Of course, a consultant who does not know your business can help you by offering you ” standard indicators “. Measures that, yes or yes, are pursued, analyzed. But, always from my point of view, this will fall short for you.

The first thing is to define, and I call this walking.

It is about defining what we really want to analyze. What do we want to pursue? What do we want to measure?

The car’s speed meter is not on the dashboard because of how beautiful it is (also) but because it tells you the speed at which you are going and with that it allows you to avoid a fine. Not only is it but it serves for something else.

The same thing happens to an indicator.

A First Step To Using Power BI To Pull Metrics

Once we have defined what we want to measure, then we can take the first step, which is to locate the sources of information that we are going to use . Power BI hooks into just about anything.

By this I mean that it is capable of extracting information from many sources such as

  • text files.
  • excel sheets.
  • excel tables.
  • websites.
  • databases.
  • SharePoint.
  • folders.
  • and dozens more.

That is why it is important that you know exactly where the data you are going to process is and in what format . Are they downloads from your ERP? Are they files that you complete by hand? Is it a file that someone saves in a shared folder? Is it data that is in the cloud?

Start Using Power BI To Pull Metrics

Now yes, now we can start. The first thing is to download the program (you can use its free version) on the Microsoft Power Bi page . You will choose the version (32 or 64 bits depending on your operating system) and you will download the program.

Is It Easy To Use Power BI To Get Indicators?

I will not fool you. I have already received two complete training sessions (8 days each) for the use of this tool. And I keep training because you learn more and more.

It’s not fast and requires some experience curve for agile use.

I have learned to be able to make that knowledge available to my clients. In this way I can collect your data from different sources of information, process and analyze it to present a summary with the most relevant . With the highlights.

It’s about saving time, and doing more with less.

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