When Work Becomes A Passion


Live to work or work to live? How many times have we been asked this question? How often have we asked ourselves this when maybe we have accumulated overtime, compromising our social life? The issue of work is always delicate because it inevitably collides with two factors: economic needs and personal passions. The time we have available does not change. It is 24 hours a day and must be managed in the best possible way, between compromises and choices of all kinds.

Nowadays, it is not easy to find the perfect agreement between the remuneration aspect and the quality of work. In other words, it is not easy to find a job that fully satisfies, unlike one’s passions which make life lighter and more pleasant. So many people organize themselves in such a way as to turn their interests into profitable businesses, to work, and have fun at the same time. But while many set in motion, many other people let their dreams fade without doing anything, and others instead point the finger at this “suicidal” initiative.

Indeed it will have happened to you too to meet someone with a too long and sharp tongue—a person who destroys instead of encouraging. Do not be intimidated, and never lose confidence in yourself and your projects. The secret lies precisely in that, not letting judgments, prejudices, or obstacles beat oneself. Because yes, there are always obstacles in every sector or situation.

What It Takes To Transform A Passion Into Work

Then, it would help if you had a particular ability in what is your interest or hobby. There must be a starting point. Without that, you won’t go anywhere! As we said, you need a lot of determination, together with a good spirit of sacrifice and a great desire to do.

For example, a big fan of electronic equipment has created his console repair ecommerce. The site is called Dedoshop, and today represents a reference point for those who need to fix their Play Station, Xbox, or another game console. The company was born in 2009, and it didn’t take long to grow and make its entry into the web, where today there is a great deal of commerce. The web is an endless, rapidly evolving opportunity, so much so that thanks to the Internet, new digital professionals are also being created.

Behind the success of Dedoshop, there is tremendous and genuine interest and important and continuous work. As you can imagine, the founder went from being a simple console and video game enthusiast to an entrepreneur. And nothing is more satisfying than seeing your dreams and projects come true.

But this is just one of the many examples that we could give because countless companies and businesses were born similarly in Italy and the world. That was taken from a great passion initially cultivated as a hobby, resulting in a real job. You don’t necessarily need to have big ideas, as much as having them clear and having only one, to pursue one without distractions.

In terms of characteristics, this idea should be innovative or, in any case, clearly distinguish itself from other realities. And it also really has to be something you feel close to. Otherwise, the risk is to start a project that you do not think is yours, and after a while, the interest may fade, and work would no longer be as stimulating as it should be to work on your own.

Lastly, we advise you to look at the news regarding bureaucracy to understand the rules to be respected to do business. Before taking any significant step, it is, in fact, necessary to better understand how the context in which to enter and operate works.

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