How Can I Automate Processes In A Business Area?

Automate Processes

Automatic Data Capture And Processing With OCR

Digitization has been a giant step for companies, which come to store large amounts of information. The storage, management and processing of this information is today much simpler, more efficient and safer with the automated data capture and processing.

One additional factor must be taken into account. Real-time information is, today more than ever, the basis for making strategic decisions that imply improvements in the efficiency of processes and, therefore, in competitiveness. Therefore, automated data capture and processing is not an alternative, it is a necessity.

Data Capture And Technological Advances

It has been the development of artificial intelligence, combined with the optical recognition system, which has made it possible for data capture to now be a capture that “reads” the data and understands it almost as the human mind does. That is, it is capable of giving meaning to that captured text.

These technologies are those that allow high levels of automation in the document management of a company or institution. In this way, not only is the capture recorded, but an entire automated data process is achieved. In other words, software is capable of recognizing, interpreting and classifying data, thus speeding up information flows.

Any document, from invoices to delivery notes, orders, contracts and even emails are susceptible to this automated data capture and processing .

Data that, on the other hand, is verified. Currently, certified digitization allows digitized documents to be preserved, with the same fiscal and legal value as the paper document.

Steps In The Automated Data Process

The capture, automated data processing and verification necessarily includes a whole series of essential steps:

  • The first phase is the entry of documents into the system, via email or in the form of a scanned file.
  • The data capture program identifies these documents and classifies them based on their type or content.
  • The incorporation of high-precision technology into capture systems allows intelligent recognition and validation of document data and then extraction.
  • Finally, that data is exported, either to files, or to databases or registry systems. This information may be verified at any time to verify that it indeed corresponds to the original document.

Advantages Of Automated Data Capture And Processing

  • The first is the streamlining of all document management and information flows to the different areas of the organization.
  • Savings in time and, above all, in resources.
  • Have up-to-date information in real time, essential to face complex moments or peaks of activity.
  • Possibility of human error or security breach is minimized. Two issues of enormous importance for the proper functioning of organizations.

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