How Do I Become An Influencer? 5 Tips For More Success


Influencer marketing has been booming worldwide for years. According to studies, 46 percent of 16 to 19-year-olds make purchasing decisions based on recommendations from influencers. But how do you manage to influence others as an influencer and thus become successful?

The job profile of “influencer” is nothing new. People who express their opinions and thus convince others of themselves have existed for a long time. The success of social media platforms in recent years has not only changed the perception of this profession, but also made its effectiveness visible. Privileges such as free products or invitations to glamorous events, once reserved for celebrities, now seem accessible to everyone.

Market research institute Morning Consult found that around 86 percent of Americans between the ages of 13 and 38 aspire to a career as an influencer. But how realistic is such a career? What steps do I have to take to get followers? What range is required to earn money as an influencer? Is Instagram the right channel for this? How do I become an influencer? You can find the answers in the following post.

1. Find Your Own Niche

Whether fashion, fitness, finance or nutrition – in the world of influencers, every topic has its place. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to create a niche that ideally doesn’t exist yet. The more specific the chosen topic, the better. The specialization ensures a unique selling proposition that helps to stand out from the ever-growing competition. In order to find your niche, two proven approaches are recommended: You select an area that you know about and delve into it. Or you think about what you want from an Instagram influencer and which topic is perhaps not sufficiently covered.

2. Choose The Right Medium

If you want to get started as an influencer, you should first concentrate on one medium. Do you want to start a blog, become an influencer on Instagram, host a YouTube channel or a podcast? Think about where your target audience hangs out the most. Only when your main channel shows the first signs of success does it make sense to connect it to other social media channels. If you immediately try to be ubiquitous on all popular platforms, the quality of your individual content may suffer. Pro tip: Instagram is the social media leader, so it’s a platform worth starting your influencer career.

3. Deliver Quality Content

Instagram thrives on high-quality images. The image quality should therefore be of a high standard and high resolution. But that doesn’t mean that you have to equip yourself with the most expensive camera. It is much more important that the content of the images and videos matches the target group and that they meet some basic quality criteria. Entertaining captions and captions also contribute to the quality of a post. In order to market yourself credibly as an influencer, your own visual language and a consistent look are essential. So stay true to your style as an influencer in order to be perceived as professional and authentic by those around you.

4. Post Actively And Consistently

Postings, stories, reels: Instagram offers a number of ways to get in touch with your target group and position yourself as a brand. Successful influencers use their reach for the topics that are important to them and ideally on a daily basis. This is the only way to stay in the memory of your followers. Those who are not active and do not provide enough content can quickly be forgotten. Pro tip: Instagram Stories offer a great opportunity to share personal insights to add even more authenticity. In addition, stories open up the opportunity for quick, uncomplicated exchange with the community. Only by constantly being present can you keep your follower base constant and even grow.

5. Skillful Self-Marketing

Influencers work with companies that address a similar target group with their products or services. They want to use their reach to advertise themselves. Are you established as an influencer and have a solid follower base of at least four figures? Successful influencers who are suitable as advertising media are usually contacted by relevant companies. The first deals are usually kept relatively small. Free products will be sent to you for inclusion in some form of your content. Depending on your reach, you may then be offered real advertising contracts with which you can ultimately earn money. There is no guideline such as a minimum number of followers.


How many followers, likes, and reposts you get depends on dynamics that are difficult to predict. Popularity on the Internet cannot be programmed. Many influencers also fail again and again when trying to commercialize their work. If you still want to work in the social media sector, you are well advised to train as a social media manager or online marketing manager.

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