We live in a world that is constantly changing, which leads many companies and organizations to update and adapt to these changes in order to survive. One of the main aspects that brands have to face is digital transformation. We know that the integration of these new technologies is essential today, not only because the world is changing, but also because of the existence of a pandemic that has forced this process to be accelerated even more. All you have to do is take a look back and remember how March 2020 and the following months went by: online purchases, subscriptions to content platforms, telecommuting increased. Technology has become a key element in recent times , but it has also established the belief that offline advertising is outdated.

However, there are things that remain. And there are certain values ​​that can only be provided by the offline world. Therefore, although the world is increasingly digitized, we can never neglect our image in the real world. A recent study by Gartner states that, despite the great efforts made by brands to create a digital experience, the public has not yet felt identified and seduced by this new stage.

We can see this with the Internet giant: Google. The company has detected one of the main problems they faced, the lack of connection when transmitting added values. They created an experience that was unable to connect with users. For this reason, they have decided to open their first physical store , where you can see, touch and smell the products, and all this is seasoned with a sensory veil. In addition to being able to test the Nest Mini, you can also attend their coworking rooms, workshops, etc. In other words, a totally immersive experience that fully immerses users in the world of Google. As a consequence, the brand manages to reinforce the loyalty of its customers.

Why are so many companies surrendering to the offline world?

In addition to what has already been mentioned so far, certain benefits must be added that only offline advertising can provide. And what are these values?


Because black on white weighs much more. Think about it, what do you believe more, an article printed in your newspaper by your favorite columnist, or a message broadcast by WhatsApp? The same goes for offline advertising. We are more used to and have more internalized a billboard that we see every day on the way to work than the pop-up that opens when we enter a website. This image is also forged thanks to the fact that it has to go through a series of controls in order to be published, which makes it more secure and reliable.


Not everyone appears on your television when it comes to sports. Do you know how complicated it is to get this space? Despite the tsunami that occurred in advertising with the arrival of new technologies, the reign of television is still far from disappearing. And it is that when preparing the media plan, the high cost of offline advertising must be taken into account, which means that these formats are only accessible to a small number of brands. Surely all those brands that come to mind when we talk about the Top of Mind are advertised in this medium.

As with television, this can be extrapolated to the rest of offline advertising. The Callao billboards, the sponsorship of the news on your radio station, that eye-catching campaign in Vogue… it’s not for everyone. This translates into a great reach and added value: the prestige that only this type of offline advertising can give you.


What house does not have television today? What car does not have a radio? And it is that offline advertising has access to every home in this country. For many advances that have occurred in recent decades, nothing beats the insertion of this format. There were population centers that did not have Internet but did have a fence at the entrance to the town. Radio is one of the formats that presents greater fidelity on the part of users. And it is not surprising, considering that we have been living with this medium for decades. The radio is part of our day to day life, it accompanies us in our daily actions, as happens with the rest of advertising in conventional media.


Offline advertising allows us to incorporate advertising products from a specific brand into our lives. The so-called merchandising, that is, promotional products of a brand, is very complicated to carry out in the online world. The great triumph of brands lies in the possibility of feeling like a visible part of a community. Because…what team are you from: IOS or Android? Possibly by answering this question you will already be identified with a social group with which you share values ​​and for which you are willing to lead heated discussions.


Bearing in mind that advertising in the online medium is a saturated market, we will have to invest more and better in order to stand out. However, this does not happen in offline advertising. As we have mentioned before, budgets are much smaller in the online environment. Any brand can advertise on a social network, so the competition is very high. This does not happen in conventional media, where only a few have the privilege of being able to advertise.

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