How To Apply Digital Transformation In Agencies?

Digital Transformation In Agencies

How To Start The Digital Transformation?

Technological innovation in professional offices is one of the greatest opportunities that this sector has to grow, but, nevertheless, it encounters great resistance. The main problem is that it is a very traditional and completely atomized sector.

This makes it difficult for large-scale innovations to emerge, with the belief that large investments will be required that a small firm will not be able to afford. In fact, technological innovation has reached the Administration before it has reached many offices, forcing them to update in order to survive.

There are more and more online document management software and services. Implementing this type of tools in a consultancy, agency or professional office is the best way to make profitable and optimize the time that employees dedicate to each task, reducing it significantly.

What Benefits Does It Bring?

By reducing time, the cost of services is also reduced, which can generate a higher profit margin to meet the costs of innovation or allow lower prices, achieving greater competitiveness.

Few things are more important in the consultancy, management and law firm sector than document management.

When handling the legal, tax and accounting matters of its clients, document management software offers a platform that allows daily document management in digital format. Providing both the administrative agency and the clients, the tool they need to facilitate and receive all the documentation and services exchanged.

All these elements are usually the subject of laws, regulations, ordinances, and even the analysis of sentences related to matters, in which the professional firm offers services. And that, therefore, require monitoring and control of updates, changes or derogations.

Labor Management

The establishment of an employment relationship is usually represented by a contract, which details the rights, responsibilities and duties of each of the parties.

From this point of view, consultancies can assume the exercise of responsibilities in terms of Human Resources for their clients; between them:

  • High and low in social security.
  • Drafting of contracts, extensions, letters of recommendation.
  • Preparation of payroll.
  • Preparation of personnel budgets.
  • Creation of settlements.
  • Pension application.
  • Grant management, training courses.

All these cases are situations that we can cover, thanks to the document management system, which allows us to: proceduralized these scenarios, automate processes, create workflows, classify the documentation and information that is created and managed throughout the year, depending on the interests of the agency and the needs of the clients.

Fiscal Management

Both individuals (employees or freelancers) and legal entities (companies), have the duty to meet their tax obligations . For this, it is necessary to prepare the company’s accounts, or the balance of income and deductible expenses, from the income statement of natural persons.

In this aspect, consultancies offer these services seeking the greatest tax savings, while complying with tax obligations. And even advising its clients on the best decisions when it comes to maximizing savings; depending on the situation of the company, or the personal circumstances of the client and adapting them to the latest regulations in force.

In this scenario, consultancies can identify events that occur regularly and that can be the subject of improvements, both for the business and for the client:

  • Quarterly VAT declaration.
  • Income tax return.
  • Corporate tax return.
  • Treatment and management of special taxes, levies, surcharges, sanctions, etc.

Among these services, surely the professional firm will find opportunities for improvement to increase customer satisfaction, simplify the exchange of information and documentation , and reduce the time of each administrative process. The communication functionalities of the document management software can be used to keep up to date with the client’s situation or collect all the essential documentation and information as far in advance as necessary to carry out the work of tax advice.

In the face of changes in the legislation, the tax advisor can create a communication channel with his clients, highlighting their knowledge, reliability and expertise in matters related to the services they offer. Something that will result in the positive perception of the agency by its clients, which will lead to the development of the prestige of the organization and therefore, in the increase of possibilities of increasing the client portfolio.

Accounting Management

Regardless of the size of the company, all organizations must have a professional who masters the General Accounting Plan for the preparation of accounting, both internal and external.

In this field, consultancies can offer from query resolution services, regarding the application of accounting standards and principles; to running the client’s accounting department.

Among the usual activities carried out by an accounting advisor, the following stand out:

accounting management

Complying with the most updated version of the General Accounting Plan.

Tracking log books

Realization and keeping of books of records of invoices issued, received, expenses and investment goods.

quarterly reports

Quarterly management reports on the status of the accounts.


Minutes of general meetings of partners.

Annual accounts

Presentation and deposit of the annual accounts in the commercial register.

Legalization of books

Legalization of accounting books in the commercial registry.

The consultancy can benefit from the advantages that the electronic document and records management system can bring to the performance of these responsibilities. Through the document management system, you can send documents for approval, incorporating the digital signature service where appropriate.

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