JustDubs Alternatives To Watch High Quality Anime With Subtitles In 2024


JustDubs is a free website where you may view English-dubbed anime. There is a vast collection of dubbed cartoon shows & anime available online. This website provides HD videos subtitled and dubbed in both English and Spanish. Worse, their executive has taken their website down. As an outcome, users can select their preferred site from the listing beneath. There are countless anime series & TV shows on Just Dubs, some of which have been running for almost two decades. Some websites offer both dubs & subtitles, while others only give subtitles or dubs. Although this was indeed a question of personal choice, some series are better in their dubbed versions.

Pros Of JustDubs

  • A big content library
  • Advertisements using immersive banners
  • Consistency in streaming
  • Excellent user interface

Cons Of JustDubs

  • Streaming might be improved.
  • Ads might be added to the site in the coming years.

Best Alternatives To JustDubs

This page is a collection of JustDubs alternatives. Anime lovers can explore the websites below and choose the sites they most like. Folks may select anything from lists underneath that satisfies your requirements. These might be false if you encounter any warnings; nonetheless, look at the post to ascertain.



Kissanime is the most amazing anime website, outnumbering all others. Kissanime provides its customers with free services. Since they run for extended periods, they get the consistency to provide superior performance efficiency to their customers. It is a terrific site for watching animated movies.


GoGo Anime provides its customers with a wide range of entertainment options, including anime movies, series, cartoons & even foreign programs. This website outperforms JustDubs by offering the latest series & also open-source streaming. Viewers may quickly get English subtitles on this GoGoanime.

Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven

AnimeHeaven is an excellent substitute for JustDubs. This website allows the consumer to download high-quality video content, which folks need. The most significant advantage is that they have no adverts on their site & do not allow their users to divert to any website. They also offer anime shows and annual subscription bundles.


Crunchyroll ranks first of the best JustDubs alternatives. It features an extensive library among the most famous anime shows on its website, approximately 15,000 hours and 25,000 episodes. All of the videos on this website are also available in HD (High Definition) & 720p video quality.


Animeland is an excellent replacement for JustDubs. Folks may order high-quality dubbed anime series from their website. Individuals of Animeland gain access to approximately 20,000 anime episodes. Subscriptions are available for purchase on the Animeland website. This official site is free & open source for anybody to use.

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Revealing Some Of Top JustDubs Aspects

Folks can stream on JustDubs for a variety of reasons. They will go over some of the main reasons folks enjoy this website.

Provider Of Extensive Content

JustDubs is an online platform that specializes in anime dubbed material. Users may notice all of the top programs, trending shows & finished shows in HD. They don’t have to accept subtitles. Instead, they may enjoy the narration-based material. Many individuals despise the subtitled version & JustDubs appears to be a blessing in disguise.

Excellent User Interface

JustDubs has a more formal, anime-centric approach. The dark aesthetic & bright banners further add to the website’s overall fun tone. Since there are no advertisements, the website is simple to use and navigate. The material is superbly organized & locating one favorite show is a breeze thanks to a variety of filter and sort options.

Appealing To The Eye

When we see good design, we notice it. On your first visit to the site, folks notice these lovely center-aligned advertising on the homepage. The developer uses these banners to give vital information to a user base. There is no content in these banners. The galaxy-like banner in the background rises, offering the website a magnificent atmosphere.

Search For Content By Category

The capacity to define things based on the genre is incredible, and this capability would be helpful to the vast majority of individuals who are getting into anime. Folks will look for one genre that fascinates folks, but viewers will be led to this area of originality and innovation. This Just Dubs Website allows folks to learn about the culture, see something new, and support anime.

Forum For Specialized Discussion

We like that the developers provide a Discord server, an in-game forum & an Anime Merchandise Shop. Because it is due to a vast community, the interaction here on the platform is fantastic. If you join up and ask your questions, folks get answers to all of them. Folks like conversing on anime message boards while debating different endings & other weird ideas presented by the anime community.


This JustDubs website design is fantastic & we admire the designer’s efforts. The dark theme, followed by a cosmic backdrop, significantly improves its categories, menus, banners & search panel. The color scheme is straightforward with black background & white writing, but it is this simple that sets the website apart.


JustDubs header contains seven possibilities: Forum, Home, Ongoing Anime, Full Anime list, Random Anime, New Dubbed Episodes & Genres. Individuals like the random anime feature since it delivers a random suggestion when we do not know what to watch. Folks may browse the entire anime list to discover how extensive the content is, or you can use the categories area to examine content by genre.

The Section Of Heroes

Among the most inventive concepts may be found in the hero section. Homepage banners look fantastic, with all the layout & transparency seamlessly flowing into the background. Under the sliders are the New Series & Movies category here on the left & a search bar on the right.


The body of JustDubs is complete with thumbnails, and each row contains thumbnails of ongoing series like Lupin, Double Decker, Beastars & One Piece. On the right, folks will find the ‘Newest Episodes’ section, where they may start watching right now. Aside from the enormous images, there is a forum, a chat section, a Discord link, a product store & other beneficial navigation choices.


It is okay that there are no navigation buttons there in the footer section of Just Dubs. Since everything is located in the right sidebar, it would have been ideal if categories and content filtering features had already been situated close to the bottom, as this would have made finding the material much more accessible.

Pages Within Pages

The website has a straightforward design, and the information is relevant to the space theme. When folks go to the streaming platform, they will see a significant title led by the fall-down menu through which you may select an episode. Folks may read the whole story & discover more about runtime, release date, ratings, producers & genre by selecting those choices. The website JustDubs internal pages are just as impressive as the homepage.


Folks cannot be bored for longer thanks to the Crunchyroll 700+ anime series. This platform may also feature iconic series such as Pokemon, One Piece, Death Note, One Piece, Naruto & Demon Slayer. Among the most recent series are Love stage, Castlevania, KonoSuba & Beastars, and many more.

Understanding Of Desktop/Mobile

Folks stream on JustDubs their device & were pleasantly surprised by the quality. This is not as good as Kiss anime, animelab, or animejo, but it is still an excellent website. There are no advertisements on the website as it is the most attractive feature of this platform. However, as we mentioned in one of the advertisements, the creator would introduce advertisements shortly. Overall, folks have no problems & are confident that you will like watching this service.

Recently Asked Questions About JustDubs

Just What Is JustDubs?

Millions of anime lovers visit Just Dubs official website to watch their shows in high definition. Millions of anime lovers binge-watch shows like Death Note, Pokemon, Dragon Ball, One Piece & Demon Slayer. Even if folks do not want to view the very same series again & again, the site has over 700+ series to choose from.

What Is The Most Efficient Method For Folks To Go To Just Dubs?

JustDubs can be found online by searching the term “JustDubs.” Before you visit the website, ensure folks have an active VPN connection to safeguard personal information against hackers & your computer from viruses.

Last Thoughts

JustDubs is worth bookmarking if individuals are searching for a fallback anime site in which you can view all of one’s favorite anime series. All of the above-mentioned websites are free to use, but some, like Crunchyroll, also provide membership alternatives. Folks have to choose anything from that list. Anime is a true phenomenon that is quite common in the modern world.

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