Why Corporate Identity And Corporate Design Is Important For Founders

Corporate Design

Many start-ups focus primarily on further development and their product itself. Optimum marketing and presentation to the outside world is often only thought of at the end. And then all of a sudden it has to be fast. First you only need a logo, later a business card, then from now on an information flier or even a homepage with information for potential customers will be needed. Without a clear concept, you quickly end up with a pile of very different materials. So what should you pay attention to?

Thoughtful Representation Of The Brand

Young companies in particular must use a well thought-out corporate design and branding in order to clearly define their company right from the start and thus gain positive attention. Around 75% of all purchasing decisions are made unconsciously, so it is all the more important to present the product and the brand in the best possible way. The clear definition of the brand core forms the foundation of every successful start-up.

Convey A Consistent Message

An overall, consistent look and feel doesn’t just involve a professional logo. A comprehensive corporate design is required for recognition value, which reflects the unique selling proposition, values ​​and goals of a company and forms the basis for all subsequent design elements. A uniform company branding includes business papers, advertising material as well as a well-designed website and social media work. A good slogan complements the logo and conveys the brand’s message in a short and concise manner.

Present Your Own Style

The appearance of a young company is similar to the typical style of a person, a crucial factor in the success of the brand. Before developing the logo and defining your own corporate design, the name must be checked. Does it already exist? What associations does this arouse and is a domain still available for building an online presence? The logo should match the start-up’s style and offering as it represents the company itself. Likewise, clearly defined company colours, fonts and other design elements must be specified in order to ensure a coherent overall picture in every form of use.

Homogeneous Philosophy Internally And Externally

However, the corporate design does not only have the task of making the founded company look good to the outside world. For the successful establishment of a brand, it is part of the corporate identity and also conveys the values ​​and philosophy of the company. The larger the company becomes, the more important this identification is for the employees. Well thought-out building equipment, signage and suitable work clothing can convey a positive sense of togetherness. From the buyer of this office material to the management level, a uniform philosophy can create a basis for a good corporate culture. Start-up crowd investors can also be set up in this way find it better, because the philosophy and the goal of the business are better understood.


A uniform and well-thought-out corporate identity with a corresponding corporate design is not something that one shakes out of the sleeve. In order for branding to work perfectly both externally and internally, it should be an important item on the to-do list for a start-up. Only a clear concept will make marketing successful in the long term.

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