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Brands are always looking for ways to reach their target audience, to convey a message, to provoke a reaction, to achieve a result. In the digital age, online channels are an essential way to do this, but despite the fact that many seem to forget it, traditional channels are also responsible for a large part of the success. And, in particular, advertising brochures have a lot to say about it.

Of course, gone are the days when you had to go with a USB to the store to ask them to print the brochures. With the advent of online printing, anyone can send their designs and projects with the click of a button and have them delivered to their home, office or wherever they are needed. There are no excuses for not doing so.

Still not convinced? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you more.

Advantages Of Using Advertising Brochures

The use of advertising brochures has certain advantages, both from an economic point of view and from a brand awareness point of view:

  1. Brochures contain a large amount of information in a small space , so the public will have access to as much information as they want to provide about the brand and its products or services.
  2. Brochures allow a clear and concise message to be sent to the potential or current client, generating a direct impact on who receives it.
  3. Advertising brochures can be placed in strategic places frequented by the target audience, they can be placed in mailboxes, they can be distributed on the street and a long etcetera. In this way, a large number of people are reached directly, increasing brand awareness.
  4. The printing of advertising brochures is cheaper than other traditional media such as radio or television.
  5. Online printing of advertising brochures makes their production easy and fast, thus avoiding unnecessary waiting, especially when the brochures are urgently needed.

Simple Or Folded Advertising Brochure?

Advertising brochures can be simple (flyers) or folded. In some online printers, the models they offer for brochure printing are limited; in others, such as ProPrintweb , the variety is wider, as we explain below.

Simple Advertising Brochure

This online printing company produces standard flyers , although they are also available in laminated and gloss varnish formats. Likewise, it is also possible to opt for free format die-cut flyers and customize them. In addition, you can choose the material : matt or gloss coated paper, offset or recycled offset paper, or two-sided graphic cardboard.

Finally, there is also the option to request the delivery of the flyers in 48 hours in case you need them urgently.

Folded Advertising Brochure

The folded advertising brochure is a brochure that is folded one or more times. Depending on the number of folds, it receives one name or another:

  • Diptych : 1 fold and 4 faces
  • Triptych : 2 folds and 6 faces. It can be in accordion or surround format.
  • Quadriptych : 3 folds and 8 faces. It can be in accordion, surround, window or cross format.
  • Quintype or 5-sided brochures : 4 folds and 10 faces. It can be accordion or surround.
  • 6-fold brochure : 5-fold and 12-sided. accordion format.

The materials available are the same as in the case of flyers, with the exception of two-sided graphic cardboard.

For the finish of the folded brochures, you can choose between lamination (matte, glossy, matte soft-touch or matte anti-scratch), acrylic finishing (for weight equal to or greater than 130gr) or luxury-UVI.

So, Do You Dare To Use Advertising Brochures?

As you can see, the number of formats available for online printing is large and allows you to achieve exactly what you are looking for in each case, since the advertising needs will not always be the same.

Flyers are as trendy as ever and their brand awareness effects remain powerful. So powerful that they allow your target audience to keep the brand in their pocket and consult it when they get home. And this is pretty good, isn’t it?

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