The Ten Commandments Of Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

A survey has shown that 46% of customers leave their supplier after the 1st order, 24% after the second, 14% after the 3rd, and 12% after the 4th. Therefore, we can conclude that a customer is genuinely acquired not with the first order but only after the 3rd order.

A significant effort must be maintained to achieve this. And there are no secrets: to keep a client you have to show him that you love him! To do this, make it feel at home!

The day’s question is simple: what to do to keep customers? And the answer can be summed up in 10 commandments.

The Quality Of Your Services You Will Guarantee

This is, of course, the basis of loyalty. Without a quality product/service, there is no second chance. The competition is tough, and the customer will look elsewhere.

Quality service is neat, reliable, relevant, and always in line with customer expectations. For the company, this implies two essential things:

All teams must have identical and complete information (sales, after-sales service, accounting).

The customer relationship must be fluid regardless of the communication channel preferred by the customer (email, phone, chat, shop, social networks).

The key to success: making each customer feel unique!

Your Promises You Will Keep

As a trader, craftsman, consultant, business manager … it is vital to keep your promises: product return policy, terms of sale, delivery times, prices, etc.

So that there is no misunderstanding, communicate clearly and transparently on your site through your price lists, brochures, offers, quotes, etc. Your (good) reputation depends on it!

The Complaints You Will Anticipate

To retain your customers, be demanding on response times and order tracking. If you think you won’t fulfill an order, let your customer know and find a solution.  

  • Anticipate problems and be quick to respond to requests.
  • See issues as challenges and the opportunity to build a strong relationship with your client. Often, it’s not the problem that annoys it; it’s the way to deal with it.   

A Loyalty Program You Will Set Up

Rewarding and valuing your customers remains an excellent way to retain your customers. It’s up to you to find an innovative system that will give them access to discounts, gifts, privileges, or additional services.

A loyalty program allows you to go much further because it allows you:

  • To enrich your customer knowledge to offer them even more relevant offers;
  • Engage your best clients in a co-creation process by involving them in the development of new products or the evolution of your services;
  • To create links that go beyond the act of purchase by creating a community of convinced users. They will become your best ambassadors.

The Opinion Of Your Customers You Will Ask

Listening to your client is probably the most straightforward and challenging thing to do. Because listening without acting is useless, heeding his advice should allow you to grow.

Also, encourage your customers to leave a review on social media and wherever possible online. Everyone wins. Today, more than ever, word of mouth (real or virtual) remains a very effective prospecting tactic.

  • A satisfied customer is the best ambassador of your brand, of your products.
  • A dissatisfied customer needs to be able to speak up. And you have to respond to his criticisms. Ignoring it is the worst tactic.
  • Many customers like to share their experience and give their opinion or suggest improvements. And their opinion is valuable for your future customers (much more than the recommendations of your salespeople).

Your Loyal Customers You Will Involve And Celebrate

Loyal customers like to interact with the company, with other customers. Allowing them to collaborate in the company’s development is beneficial for all.

  • Create a “VIP club,” a real or virtual community, a forum, or a Facebook group to promote exchanges and feedback.
  • Organizes events reserved for VIP clients.
  • Showcase and highlight the stories of your best customers (how do they use your products or services? How do they benefit?)

Involving your customers creates a feeling of belonging and a solid emotional connection around your business.

The Customer Journey You Will Personalize

Every customer is different. Understanding your expectations, habits, and uses is essential to adapt and personalize your offers.

  • Take the time to precisely define your personas (types of critical customers)
  • Identifies the actions needed to create an unforgettable customer experience
  • Play with the emotions of your customers to make a difference
  • Emphasize the benefits to the customer rather than the characteristics of the product.

The Confidence You Will Build Over Time

Earning the trust of your customers is a long process, which begins with the first purchase and continues over the years. How do you make sure your customers won’t forget about you?

  • Sends one-off messages (wishes, inspirational messages, satisfaction survey, invitations)
  • Offers a VIP membership or membership in a VIP club
  • Complete your customer file (note all the details of your interactions) to personalize your messages

The Interactions With Your Customers Will Multiply

Anything can become a pretext for interaction.

  • After each order, thank your customer and offer him an exclusive (an inspiring video, a mini-training, a reduced price option, an advantage over another product).
  • Invite your best customers to share moments of conviviality (sponsored events, aperitif-demo, conference dinner, etc.).
  • Gives each customer a privileged place. Create a series of interviews or videos showing how they use your products/services).
  1. You will sharpen your up-and cross-selling techniques.
  • Up-selling: offers the customer who has just made a purchase a more complete, more advanced, more recent version. The customer will feel valued.
  • Increase your sales thanks to cross-selling: offers a complementary product, an accessory …
  • Acquiring new customers costs seven times more than retaining existing customers.

Each entrepreneur, therefore, has every interest in maintaining a lasting relationship with his clients. But how to do it?

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