Ideas To Manage Resumes Effectively


Managing resumes can be an arduous task when selecting candidates for a job , since a wide variety of aspects must be taken into account; This is especially important in these times where Social Networks have become increasingly relevant.

It is believed that in the not too distant future, resumes will no longer be necessary, but will be replaced by professional profiles on job search websites . Even the CVs could be replaced by the Social Networks themselves . However, until this change materializes, the resume will continue to be indispensable in the work environment . For this reason, it is very important that companies adopt a candidate selection system that allows them to find their ideal candidate in a simple way.

In the next section we will mention some useful tips to manage resumes in a very effective way.

Advantages Of Resume Management

Reviewing resumes efficiently will allow companies to optimize their internal processes. When a candidate profile management system is adopted, the administrative work of Human Resources could be reduced considerably. In this way, the selection and recruitment of candidates can be much more efficient. In addition, a company that has optimal internal processes and a good organization can reflect a much more solid and reliable corporate image .

On the other hand, Human Resources managers who manage the selection of resumes in a disorganized way, often harm company processes. Poor organization can cause delays in the candidate selection process and this could lead to conflicts with the company’s management.

Ideas To Manage Resumes Effectively

To carry out a good CV management it is necessary to take into account a series of measures that will allow you to obtain the best results.

Here are some extremely useful tips for managing resumes effectively:

Consult, Filter And Qualify To Manage Resumes

Reviewing resumes and filtering them may be the best way to start the selection process . The first thing to do is to be very clear about the type of profile that the company is looking for for the job . In addition, it is important to consider the years of experience of the candidates in similar positions and the level of education they have. Even to speed up the selection, it is important to consider the applicants’ work references.

For example, if the company has requested that the professional have several years of experience and two university degrees . In these cases, it is advisable to establish a filter that allows the résumés that do not meet these characteristics to be discarded.

On the other hand, the filters also allow scoring a CV online . That is, depending on the institution where the candidate has studied, their level of studies and the courses they have taken, it will be possible to measure the degree of training that a professional has and how suitable they are for the job. You can even use filters that allow you to better rate candidates who have studied at leading universities. In this way, you can considerably optimize the work of revising resumes.

Organize Well To Select Well

An ideal way to streamline the process of selecting a candidate for a job is to organize and classify resumes .

The classification of the CVs can be done according to the order of arrival or according to those that are pending review. Also, a classification can be made taking into account the finalists (those who do meet the basic requirements) and those candidates who have an outstanding profile.

Data Protection When Managing Resumes

In Spain and in much of the world there are fundamental rights for citizens. Some of them are the right to honor, intimacy, personal and family privacy and the privacy of the communications sector. For this reason, data protection laws have been created , whose main objective is to regulate the treatment of personal information . In our country we can refer to the Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data ( LOPD ).

Because candidate applications often include personal , professional, financial, and even medical information, it is very important that companies securely manage applicants’ personal data.

On the other hand, it is recommended that companies eliminate the CVs of candidates who do not fit the characteristics of the vacancy. For them, a document shredder can be used or the files and emails that contain personal information of the applicants can be eliminated.

In the event that the company wishes to keep the resume for future vacancies, the candidate must be notified that their data will be kept. Of course, the notification must refer to data protection laws.

Properly Define The Requirements

If the company is not clear about its needs or requirements at the time of making a job offer , it is very likely that the Human Resources department will find a mailbox full of applications from candidates with different profiles. Because of this, the task of managing resumes is likely to be very labor intensive.

To avoid situations that could slow down the selection process, it is essential that companies properly define the characteristics of the profile they are looking for. For example, junior profiles (professionals with little experience and/or few university studies) or senior profiles (specialists with experience and advanced studies) can be defined.

On the other hand, when defining a profile for a job , it is important to consider the amount of resources that the company has. In this way, it will be possible to define a profile that adjusts to the needs and memories that the company can offer.

Social Networks And Personnel Selection

When we talk about CV management , social networks take on a fundamental role. Currently, having a professional profile on one of the job search social networks such as Linkedin is an essential aspect for candidates.

On many occasions, companies use digital media to recruit staff. It is even estimated that in the future social networks and job search pages will replace the resume . Therefore, when it comes to managing resumes effectively, a recruitment specialist will have to review the professional social networks of the candidates and contrast the information with the CV that the company has received. In this way, the selection will be much easier.

Manage Resumes, The Best Way To Find The Ideal Candidate

Without a doubt, adopting a system that allows you to manage resumes in an orderly and efficient way is the best option to find the candidates who best fit the jobs offered by companies.

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