Master In Risk Management To Boost Your Career

Risk Management

Through the Master in Global Risk Management, the student learns the keys to successfully address global risk management from a managerial, visionary perspective of risk and future prevention. A senior management program focused on strategy to face risk decisions in technological, commercial, economic and reputational environments.

Description Of The Master In Risk Management

Risk Management is designed to help businessmen and professionals to be better prepared for the efficient management of their businesses in the face of risks and thus minimize the material and reputational impact that inadequate Risk Management would imply.

The training is aimed at professionals, economists, auditors, accountants and managers of companies who seek to prepare themselves, through a quality program, to face in their labor market and in their professional environment the great impacts that the risks inherent in their business can represent.

The Master in Risk Management aims to be an essential training for professionals and managers, which allows them to know the key tools for a forceful risk identification, evaluation and management.

The program is specialist in nature. The candidate will obtain cutting-edge training, based on the reference regulations in risk management and cybersecurity, such as COSO, ISO 31000, ISO 19600 or ISO 27001.

Likewise, it has been specially designed to help the businessman and professional to be better prepared for the effective and efficient management of their business, given the inherent risks in the business environment.

During the classes, the tools for correct identification and appreciation of risk will be analyzed from a theoretical and practical point of view, as well as methodologies to implement controls and contingency plans to mitigate possible impacts in case the risk materializes. .

On the other hand, the participants will learn the resources that will allow them to be prepared to deal with effective risk management and minimize the material and reputational impacts that inadequate management can entail.

Program Content

The Master in Risk Management is a disruptive training that is far removed from traditional training, which makes it one of the main programs on the market for professionals and managers, and the most powerful online version, which multiplies the exchange of professional experiences of all kinds among the participants.

The program has top-level business professors and consultants, with decades of professional experience, who will accompany the participants throughout the entire course, not only training them but also passing on their experience acquired in large companies.

Each module will allow the student to handle the tools for risk identification, evaluation and management, as well as methodologies to implement controls and contingency plans.

If you need more precise information about this master’s degree, you just have to contact our expert advisors in master’s and postgraduate degrees.

Professional Opportunities Of The Master In Risk Management

You can work as:

  • Risk manager of entities.
  • Qualified expert in risk measurement and management.
  • Consultant or risk analyst.
  • Professional in the risk area of ‚Äč‚Äčlarge companies.
  • Entrepreneur.

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