What Should Entrepreneurs Know About Social Media?

Social Media

The points that will be developed in this article: What are they? Don’t you know yet? Social Media, Social Networks Which one(s) should I be on? Why? So that? To communicate how? With strategy and planning

Before starting, I would like to clarify what Digital Marketing is and everything it encompasses apart from Social Media.

We are going to get into the matter, and as is mentioned in the title of this article, we are going to talk about social networks (it is the same as social media, right?;-)) and the most repeated questions when faced with the decision to choose their means on the Internet.

The most important thing is to know the tools but be experts in people, since there is a person with their feelings and concerns behind each screen.

1. What Are They? Don’t You Know Yet?

When we hear Social Media (to a lesser extent, we hear the words social media), we should not confuse it with social networks since the first concept encompasses much more such as wikis, blogs, forums,… In addition, Facebook and Twitter are NOT social networks, but what is created within these platforms are called “Social Networks”. These are nothing more than platforms where social networks are designed around people.

Social media: online communication platforms where the content is created by the users themselves through Web 2.0 technologies, which facilitate the editing, publication and exchange of information.

In this article, we will talk about social networks. Let’s go on our own. Today’s most common social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

IMPORTANT: Do not post on all platforms in the SAME WAY; We entered each with a different attitude. Why?

  • To Facebook to see what our friends (and our brands) are doing
  • To Twitter to inform us and create a conversation around a topic
  • To Snapchat to send fleeting memories
  • To Linkedin to see the professional activity of our colleagues + look for work
  • To Instagram to know lives through photographs
  • To Pinterest to see and pin creations that inspire

2. Which One(s) Should I Be In?

Depends on what? Depending on how you look at it, it all depends. No, seriously, now, it depends on your target audience and your goal for yourself. All companies are on social media platforms, but for what purpose? Really. Do you know what they are for? Are you on the right social networks?

3. Why?

And why not? You can quote me on Twitter, give me a reason, and I’ll give you 5 for every one you give me. Do you dare?

  • I leave you a couple of them here. They are handy tools for:
  • Analyze the competition
  • Use it in a selection of partners

4. What Are They For?

TO COMMUNICATE! Yes…what you put on social networks communicates. What if… I don’t have social networks? It also communicates. The absence of reason or the lack of religion is a religion.

Then there are the people who say: I use social media for the sake of using it; I have them there, but I don’t pay much attention to them, I don’t think it matters much what I publish… it also COMMUNICATES a lot (my recommendation is that you look at your Google Plus that all the people who have Gmail have it); shows indifference and there you let other people communicate for you. What does each of the social networks say about you?

I propose that you become OBSESSED with social networks but that you TAKE ADVANTAGE of the opportunities these tools give you and, above all, TAKE CONTROL of your lives on the Internet.

5. How? With Strategy And Planning

Follow planning: temporal and thematic.

When do I post? And what public?

But in this case, it also depends; it is best to try different times and analyze how people act in those posts. Use Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights to see which times work best.

And How to plan the content?

There has to be a balance but always seek to know the state of mind of your target audience; try to fit in with your posts.

The morning is an excellent time to talk about what you expect from the day and encourage your target audience to face the day,…

At noon, time to publish your most important content (new product, event, award,…)

Late-Night: Talk about exciting content you’ve seen during the day.

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