B2B, How To Take Advantage Of The Business To Business Model

Business To Business Model

Regardless of whether you are a business or a B2B freelancer, your marketing strategy should target business customers. This will influence many aspects: from how you package and bundle services, to the channels through which you will spread your campaigns. You will even have to look at how you tell stories about your brand. Certainly, this does not mean that your voice and tone have to be absolutely corporate, but it does imply that you will present your product or service as a business solution.

In this article, you will find some details about the B2B category and learn about the most effective marketing strategies to boost this type of business.

What Is B2B About?

B2B or Business to Business are the acronyms that refer to various business models in which the sales of products and the provision of services are carried out from one company to another. These activities are mainly focused on wholesale trade. Although it can also refer to the consumption of content or provision of services.

Among some of the B2B models, we find marketplace -type portals . In them, some companies proceed to specify the demands for both their products and their services, to make them bid for them. There are also companies that do not communicate directly with the end customer, but rather with importers, partners, distributors or other professional buyers.

What Differential Aspects Exist Between B2B And B2C Marketing?

There are some obvious differences between B2B and B2C (Business to Consumer) business models in the world of marketing. One of them is that the needs of companies or businesses are not the same as those of consumers. This is because they are motivated by more specific factors, such as productivity and profitability. Generally, a company buys or acquires a service or product in order to perform better, be even more efficient, and subsequently perform well.

On the other hand, the purchase cycle time of B2B consumers is slower. Obviously, the reason is that their purchases are usually in large quantities and/or the cost of the services they require is high. Therefore, the finances of the business can be affected by your purchases and decisions in this regard require greater knowledge.

B2C consumers often make impulsive and emotional purchasing decisions. Even more so, if the marketing motivates them to associate a product with happiness or manages to convince them that it can alleviate a pain point. Instead, B2B consumers resort to calculation and take into account budget availability.

In B2B Marketing Communication Is Different

Also, another difference they have is that it is a little more difficult to get potential B2B clients or buyer personas to receive the information. In particular, due to a matter of proportions, since we are talking about a smaller number of people and, in addition, they belong to a more segmented niche. This makes it not so easy to communicate with them through more massive channels, such as social networks.

Some events such as seminars or congresses are still widely used as actions of the B2B marketing model . However, an email marketing campaign can be quite effective if it is directed at the ideal contacts. This strategy also works if we take into account the specific needs of other companies. Similarly, it is essential for it to have in-depth knowledge of the purchase cycle of the product or service that we are offering.

What Are The Most Convenient Strategies To Improve B2B Marketing?

The following strategies will greatly help you meet the new challenges of B2B marketing:

Strengthen The Identity Of Your Company

Companies become more flexible when buying products and services from other companies with which they can feel identified, since they represent them and, in turn, are aligned with the values ​​they want to make known. To achieve this, you must strengthen your corporate image both online and offline. Some of the methods that you can apply based on this are the following:

  • Make sure you define the values ​​of your company in a very clear, concise and impressive way. In other words, explain visually and with a summarized text what your company is like and what kind of contributions it can offer.
  • Organize and sponsor solidarity events.
  • Implement precise measures that allow you to reconcile the personal, family and professional life of the employees you have in your company.
  • Improve the working conditions of your workers. The satisfaction of the members of your team facilitates their conversion into ambassadors of your company and brand.
  • Communicate and promote all these actions in an optimal way, so that they can appear in the different digital media . Even, as far as possible, it is ideal to also spread it through traditional media.

Increasing Online Presence Is Essential

Ensuring your company’s online presence is the key point of a highly effective marketing strategy . To achieve it, you must implement three factors selected by a study conducted by Salesforce and whose effectiveness rating reached more than 90%:

  • Content marketing and inbound marketing. Being able to create content online will allow you to maintain communication with your potential customers. In parallel, it will allow customers to assess for themselves the advantages of using your products or services.
  • Creation or update of a website and a blog that offer quality content.
  • Positioning campaigns on the Internet , either organically (SEO) or paid (SEM).

Work Email Marketing

Thanks to marketing automation with IT solutions and cloud platforms, companies are significantly improving communication with their users. Automation, among some of its advantages, gives you the option of launching more effective and optimal email marketing campaigns, which allows you to:

  • Properly separate the database of your company and that of your contacts.
  • Likewise, you can send personalized emails to the contacts you need, with the aim of keeping them informed about different news. Whether it is about offers, services and products related to your company, which may be of interest to them and meet their requirements.

Create A Database That You Can Supply

On the other hand, the database is a very important asset for your company. Through it, supported by marketing automation , it is possible to monitor your contacts. In this way, it will be more feasible to send personalized offers according to your interest, as well as other types of content or information at the right time.

However, to obtain a well-optimized database, it is essential to have the ability to attract other users. In principle, these will be anonymous, but likely to become leads or records with contact information, which can be tracked.

It is worth mentioning that, in this, there is an important difference with the Business to Consumer . And it is that the final consumers can be captured through the “call to action” , a link or form found on the website. This is an element that allows you to attract the attention of potential customers. While, on the B2B side , face-to-face events such as congresses or seminars are equally important.

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